23 October 2010

Link roundup for 23 October 2010

Yep -- worst ad placement ever.

PZ Myers gets another moron e-mail.

Elvira's not a witch either.

Diligent tax authorities demand that Snezana Kolar Tomic prove her claim that her daughter earned no income last year (found via Mendip).

I bet they get a lot of would-be buyers.

Is this the teabag that launched a thousand ships?

Blogging Sleuth is a brand-new blog dedicated to researching and exposing the identity-stealing fake-blog problem.

Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project is making a difference despite the whiners. Note recent messages of support from two prominent heterosexuals.

Third-party candidates are set to have a real impact this year -- for example, rogue teabaggers could cost the Republicans up to 20 House seats.

Rape victims protest anti-abortion fanaticism in Colorado (found via Republic of Gilead).

State legislators challenge the current interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

Swing voters should ask themselves these questions, but many won't.

Republicans may do well in November due to voter apathy -- but not if we keep exposing what they really stand for, which in some cases extends to treason.

Health insurance reform needs to be improved, not abandoned.

Momma Politico posts a guide to the California ballot.

Alaska's Senate race could be a cliffhanger.

More evidence surfaces of racism in the Virginia Republican party (more here), while a bungled effort to re-write history is exposed (all three links sent by Mendip).

Religion is killing our most vulnerable young people (found via Republic of Gilead). Maggie Gallagher dodges and obfuscates.

Bigoted Republican leaders live in a bubble of like-minded people, but their words have consequences in the wider world.

Truth is truth and lying is lying.

Religious fanatics linked to a Hawaii Republican seek to destroy pagan art (found via Republic of Gilead).

Chicago's parking meters are under new ownership (found via Green Eagle).

Merkel dares to say the obvious: immigration must lead to the melting pot, not the salad bowl.

We need to think now about what to do when North Korea falls.

A rot of evil spreads in Britain.

Here's a good example of why I never trust wireless connections -- no security.

This door is sturdy, elegant, and more than 5,000 years old (sent by Demwit).

1,160 years ago, 200 people alone in a small valley were all killed at the same time by blows to the head. How did it happen?

Teen pregnancy rates are falling again after rising in the last years of the Bush administration, but the divide between blue and red states persists.

Parsley's Pics posts a series about bipolar disorder: Introduction, Bipolar 101, Depression, Mania, Conclusion.

Medical quackery is not harmless -- but one anti-quack fighter is just getting started.

Ken Cuccinelli continues to harass climate scientists (sent by Mendip). Hey, who knows, under enough pressure maybe the scientists will back down. It worked on Galileo.

Eppur si muove.....back in the real world, 2010 so far is one of the two warmest years on record (found via Green Eagle).

The Arctic as it was is gone forever.

Maria Konovalenko posts on some exciting new developments in technology: a test of embryonic stem cells to treat paralysis, work on nanotechnology to repair cell damage, growing organs in the lab for transplantation, progress on reversing aging in muscle tissue, and research on cleansing cells of debris and how DNA is repaired.


Blogger Jack Jodell said...

Thanks for including me in your list, Infidel753!

23 October, 2010 08:07  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

you rock, infidel!

23 October, 2010 21:12  
Blogger mommapolitico said...

Hey, there, my friend! Thanks so much for the link to my blog in your post! I always read your links each week, even when I don't get a chance to comment. They're always interesting, thought-provoking, hilarious and a fave weekend read.

Many thanks - you're a pal! :)

23 October, 2010 21:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

JJ: You do good work!

Nonnie & MP: Thanks! There always seems to be plenty of stuff out there every week.....

24 October, 2010 03:40  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lone Star Howdy's Infodel!

Anywayz ... thanx for the tip's/ link's, and I do want to point to point out in my opinion 3 that stood out to me as far as "info" ... First the piece's by Marla Konovalenko (? spelling), I havent even finished that yet ... one one Hell of a compilation of piece's!

Second to the outstanding work and compilation done by Leslie of Parsley's Pics ... this all was one excellent read to me ... she just done one Hell of a job on that!

Third ... Jack Jodell's piece on 10 question's voter's must ask, I only fantasize at time's that folk's would do some serious thinking when they vote, especially this election round in particular. I AM NOT anti right either ... I am just saying ... this is a big mistake if they regain a majority, I am sure they feel confident in their agenda as far as economic's ... but I sware to Satan ... their proposal's CANNOT work, if what they are saying is real! I'll leave it there .... THINK

Crotian Time's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that dont suprise me ... even dead folk's in America have been asked to prove they made no income! :)

Thanx also for the MSNBC Street View Cam info ... damn importante!

Frum's Forum ... Teabag's $100K cruise expense .... Well ... I got to give it to them on that ... at least they are being fiscally conservative a tad more than run of the mill republican's ... who would probably have spent $3 million!

Fixin to attend my sunday service, which is sitting my fat ass on the sofa, stuffing my ugly mug with Doritos and Salsa, downing a couple ice cold bottles of Shiner beer, and watching goddamn NFL game's all bloody afternoon on the tele!

Later Dude ....

24 October, 2010 07:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

First the piece's by Marla Konovalenko (? spelling), I havent even finished that yet ... one one Hell of a compilation of piece's!

She seems to be up to speed on a lot of developments. There seems to be plenty of interest in life extension in Russia -- maybe because so many of them are atheists and don't believe in an afterlife? I'm adding that blog to my regular reading.

Second to the outstanding work and compilation done by Leslie of Parsley's Pics

I learned a lot.....You mean "bipolar" doesn't mean you're attracted to polar bears of both genders?:-)

Fixin to attend my sunday service,

I think even teabaggers attend the Church of the NFL.

24 October, 2010 07:57  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

BiPolar being atrracted to Polar Bear's of both gender's .... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... I loved that one!

24 October, 2010 08:24  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

One last funny thing that came to mind concerning Teabag's and the NFL ...year's back we worked with this real hardass right winger we just called Bubba ... but he alway's had to go to church on sunday, or his ole lady wouldnt give him any, he went to a Baptist church. One day since he loved football ... I asked him since they go to the 10:00 am service ... what if the sermon get's long and you dont get back for kick off (similar wording) ... he said ..."It dont man ... in our church the preacher know's when it's time to shut up, we let him know that from the getgo ... at 10:45 he better put a lid on it, cause we need to stop by the beer store first then drive back to the house!" :)

24 October, 2010 08:36  
Blogger Ahab said...

Thanks for the hat tips. I'm glad we can share news!

I have to agree -- that was the worst (and funniest) ad placement ever.

24 October, 2010 15:26  

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