02 February 2010

The teabagger's tax cut

Mit der Dummheit kämpfen die Götter selbst vergebens -- Schiller

I'm sure Fred Clark would not claim to be a god, but he gives it a good try, anyway. (I did this comparison on my own paycheck -- he's right.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does the German mean?

02 February, 2010 05:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

"Against stupidity, the gods themselves struggle in vain."

02 February, 2010 06:01  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice read from "Slacktivist" ( I like that name) :)

Lot of truth to that! You know .... much of these arguement's coming from these teabag's and many folk's in the right media are so confusing to me, and I voted GOP alot, but I really dont even understand these day's this GOP side ... they seem like they support some sort of corporate dictatorship, and dont no longer support American value's, actually somewhat disrespectful if anything to the idea of being pro- business even, but that's just my view. Even once again the other day, a gentleman I was talking to here in a rural area of Texas, thought that my view's sounded "socialist" .... maybe I'm becoming a "socialist", I really dont know. But I do know ... that if I was having half to 60% or so of my paycheck going to the government and get what they get in a country like France as far as vacation time, health service's, education entitlement's and other thing's ... I actually would be 110% for it ... so if that make's me a socialist ... so be it, that's how I honestly feel though.

I visited your City of Portland a few year's ago for the first time, and have alway's heard especially from the right that this city is so liberal and social, anti business, etc,etc. To be frank ... I dont think I ever been to any other American city, that was more "American value's" than your city. Even the two largest Texas cities dont have the tradition of America and what it's about, the core value .... that your city has .... and Texan's should feel shame of that ... but it's true. So these folk's that say that PDX is a socialist playground, have lost their identity with what America is about, in my opinion.

Thank You Sir ......

02 February, 2010 06:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

"Socialsm" = Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, etc., etc. People just freak out at the word.

The problem with the teabaggers' propensity to vote against their own interests is that, as he says, it affects everyone. The raise I was supposed to get at the beginning of this year was completely canceled out by rising health insurance premiums. If Congress doesn't pass health reform, I may never get an actual pay increase (in real money) again. And I'm in a union. Most people are probably less well protected against this kind of stuff than I am.

02 February, 2010 07:39  

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