06 February 2010

Link roundup for 6 February 2010

A graph shows projected health-care spending reaching a climax.

Now this is a fresh sandwich.

Truth 101 comes under astonishing attack for asserting the most basic right of every blogger -- the right to express his own views his own way, without compromise.

Ranch Chimp showcases a stunningly arrogant politician.

Is Michelle Obama a Satanist? In case you can't believe the quote is authentic, here's where it came from, but be warned -- that link will take you to trans-Plutonian orbital realms of nutty.

"Literacy tests"? The teabaggers' fa├žade fades to gossamer-thin, and Olbermann rips aside what remains of it. More here.

Birth-certificatards, too, grace the event with their embarrassing presence.

Mycue23 has a different view of that poll of bizarre Republican beliefs that has been all over the liberal blogosphere. I wouldn't carry these parallels quite so far, but he has a point.

Biden blows away the crap and gets to the point.

Here's what Obama said at the prayer breakfast.

The Prop. 8 Trial Tracker assesses the chances that the case will reach the Supreme Court.

Chevron faces a lawsuit for toxic-waste dumping in the Ecuadorian Amazon. MSM reports here and here, Amazon Watch site here, clueless lobbying here, petition here (all links sent by DemWit).

Economic crisis in Greece, Spain, and Portugal is threatening the stability of the euro-zone (together those countries have almost one-seventh of the EU's total population).

Colin Powell once schooled a stupid clergyman on history.

Citizen Warrior looks at Islam in Malaysia. And Stupid Evil Bastard reports on a particularly nasty honor killing in Turkey.

The Christian Right is engulfed in hate.

God Lizard posts a chart listing the fifty states by how religious they are -- and their figures for average IQ, poverty, crime, and other indicators. The correlations are interesting. (To see the big version, right-click, open in a new tab or window, and click to use your magnifying-glass cursor.)

Richard Dawkins totally obliterates that stupid Tebow abortion commercial.

The big teabagger convention may be floundering, but the atheist convention in Melbourne is sold out.

War for Science posts a great summary of the differences between real and fake science.


Blogger dotlizard said...

thanks again for the linky :) oh, and i fixed that annoying thing with the clicking not embiggening. jQuery is awesome, but only if you're calling the right script.

06 February, 2010 15:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks -- your site has good stuff (and I love that lizard-with-a-halo avatar).

On the large version of the chart, how do you see the top? At least on my browser, everything above the "North Carolina" line is off the top of the screen.

06 February, 2010 17:00  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

First of all everytime I see the name "Godlizard" .... I think of the Texas alternative rock group "Jesus Lizard" out of Austin, seen them twice do show's, pretty good band too! They formed back in the late 1980's.

Blonde Sense' health care chart, and projection's .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ....like I was telling this dirt poor dude the other day .... who was wondering about what they are doing on health care reform and how it will effect/ make better for folk's like him? (working poor) ... I told him "the usual is happening ... the same ole people doing the same ole shit that they do decade after decade, stalling, mauling, balling, etc .... dont worry about it dude ... cause if it dont go through .... you wont have to worry about being penalized to homelessness because you cant afford to buy their shit, and you can just go to county hospital still, like you did for that kidney stone operation you had back awhile ago" :)

Politic's Plus .... WHAT!! Teabag's think folk's should get literacy test's!! Oh well ... so much for me getting into the teabag cult ... it was my dream, that's cool ... I dont need them, fuck em in the ass with a broken coke bottle! .... No .... all shit aside .... I recently listened to them to see what they were about because I really didnt know nothing about these folk's .... I reckon many American's look at them as some kind of "alternative movement" and possible serious contending party .... but frankly hearing them out ... I dont see anything different or even unique for that matter out of mainstream thinking, certainly not anything that resemble's "change" ... make's me wonder if folk's actually know what the "definition" of "change" is? All I see is just the same crowd you can find in today's GOP basically ... nothing different. Just a bunch of far right folk's in Halloween get-up's. If I want custume entertainment ....and theatric's ... I watch Marilyn Manson! (Great show BTW!)

Immoral Minority on Dr.Dawkins reaction to SuperBowl ad's on abortion, life and other nonsense. One of the thing's I alway's liked about Dr.Dawkin's is his "common sense" look at the reality around us .... yeah .... I would pay a nice ticket price to see him debate someone like Palin .... bet he would have her panties in a bind! :) This year's SuperBowl ad mess has been intensified on just about all your politically correct do's and dont issue's, it's almost nauseating just having to watch this crap during the best game of the year .... even the gay ad's got heat ... frankly on the issue of abortion or pro-life, whatever they call it .... I really dont give a shit one way or the other ... never did. I agree with the law to let a woman choose. But on a more personal level .... I think abortion in these time's should be mandatory in many cases, including sterilization ... but that's just me.

I dont know much about our First Lady and the theories concerning psychologically manufactured dieties of "good and evil" and her affiliation's to such (Green Eagle piece) ... however when I seen her pic on the cover of Ebony zine, I started thinking of God I reckon, cause I just said .... "GODDAMN!! what a good looking woman she is!!, um, um, um, LORD have mercy!!" It's no wonder why President Obama was alway's happy! He wont be much longer after a few year's in that cesspool office he got himself into! :)

Thanx Guy ..... Later .........

07 February, 2010 07:56  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Actually (I wanted to add) I been reading some myself on the Chevron deal down in Ecuador, not from DemWit's site though. But see it as some "real" change and hope that it also send's a message to some of these other's in these businesses, that just dump wherever and whenever they choose with no goddamn regard for a damn thing. For year's as well .... Texas has been somewhat of a breeding ground for these type's, because it's one of them state's where you can get away with just about anything, it has been seeing change though here in recent year's. But in these foreign countries, especially one's that are not in the best economic shape ... it is easy to "buy" anything you please without no one watching you.

Thanx ...........

07 February, 2010 08:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I dont need them, fuck em in the ass with a broken coke bottle!

They'd probably take that as a test of their manly stoicism. Better to use a soggy tea bag (or 100 pounds of them).

Dawkins.....I would pay a nice ticket price to see him debate someone like Palin

Might almost be worth even the $349 the teabagger convention charged all those poor saps to watch Palin read off her hand. He could beat her with one brain hemisphere tied behind his back.

07 February, 2010 09:14  

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