23 January 2010

Link roundup for 23 January 2010

See startling ice ribbons (found via Mendip).

Natural selection in action -- dumb people do dumb things and get hurt.

Some of us get it right the first time.

A fake cop gets arrested by a fake prostitute (found via Mendip).

View waves as you've never seen them before (click pictures for bigger versions).

The original tale of Newton and the apple is on the internet.

Bay of Fundie continues to cover a creationist lie-fest.

Flying Air France gets more comfortable.

You can become a Republican (found via Mad Mike's America).

Jack Jodell has a warning from 2017.

Another horrendously fake bigfoot video surfaces in Oregon.

The Tiller trial brings out some nasty stuff.

Bill Gates seizes a teachable moment in Saudi Arabia.

Rita has some questions about religion, sexual repression, and the subjugation of women.

Don't get pregnant in Florida.

Sounds like Biden will be on board if the Senate tries to change the filibuster rule.

Andrew Sullivan has observations on meth and fundamentalism.

MicShots sums up the Republican agenda (found via Nancy).

This is what the fight for health-care reform is really about. Don't forget the real reason why it's losing support. Keep fighting.

California and Washington are considering broad legalization of marijuana, not just for medicinal use. 56% of Californians favor the idea.

Scott Brown won because he's a moderate. Republicans in general remain unpopular. Keep things in perspective.

Looks like Obama is going populist. Good move in response to the real message of Massachusetts. More here.

The Haïtian earthquake has theists floundering again.

Britain's nationalist party, the UKIP, wants to ban the burkha.

Taiwan and mainland China have different goals in Haïti.

A new movie about Darwin may prove hard to find in the US.

Australia's giant native animals were wiped out by humans.

I bet Texas will want a herd of these.

Neptune and Uranus may have oceans of liquid diamond, with huge solid diamonds floating in them like icebergs.

Social-insect colonies function like single organisms (this has occurred to me too).

The last decade was the warmest on record (until, no doubt, the next one).

Sierra Sciences aims to fight aging by telomerase induction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

23 January, 2010 04:55  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice lil ole round up here.

You know .... reading your old post about "Do social insect's have mind's?" (first time I seen it) ... that is something that I wondered for long as well. I just thought it was fasicinating how nature worked together at the beginning as well ...I mean ... everyone had a ... well ... daily job I reckon, and still do, just as we do, before all the animal's walked the earth for instance (forget the name of the period)... when bee's done their job's with plant's and the wind's spreading pollen ... I reckon life's earliest agricultural chore's.

Wow! What a goddamn piece from i09 on the liquid diamond of Neptune, I am refering to the beauty of something as such though, I can only imagine what is out in this universe as well, that has formed over a few billion year's that we havent even come close to seeing yet ... the futher we move ahead with our tech's ... what a treat we will be in for too! But just imagine something like that ... that would be enough for Halliburton to drop every damn reconstruction project that have going on, on earth!

Those photo's and piece from Mendip was one Hell of a sight as well ... I have lived in cold, icy climate's too, not just Texas, and I have never seen anything like that. I have seen some weird ice, like when hunting in the wood's, like between Toronto and Buffalo, but nothing like that!

Termite's of Sin wave photo's , really kick ass!

Mr.S.E.Bastard's piece on "Amazing we've survived as a species" was cool .... I actually alway's looked at that as being one of the reason's we survived, what I mean is ... we have throughout our modern evolution have taken some really chancy risk's to learn and evolve as well, as a species. "The Mind is a terrible thing to Taste" (Al Jourgensen) :)

Born right the first time ... I seen bumper sticker's around town that say that while in traffic!

Real nice piece also from Science Daily on human's causing the demise of Australia's Megafauna!

Telegraph.UK on giant cattle ... "I herd that!" ... but check this out Guy ... what is weird here in North Central Texas .... is not the cattle .... but all the prehistoric huge sea creature's ( more like monster's ) that they been diggin up, it's like this whole place was a goddamn sea at once ... damn what I would give to be able to go back in time to see some of this shit that was once on earth!

Later Guy ..........

23 January, 2010 18:25  
Anonymous rita said...

Bigfoot is alive & well in Oregon!
Dang! I wish we hadn't dropped that column...it was always entertaining when the Bigfoot lady heard of a new siting.
Like she said,"It's Only a Matter of time." :)

24 January, 2010 16:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Wasn't it she who wrote that letter in the week-before-last issue trying to get re-instated?

Maybe you could send her that link -- a video of mostly the grass the guy is running through, plus a few seconds of a man in a bigfoot suit -- no doubt she'd find it fascinating.

24 January, 2010 17:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: "I herd that!"


it's like this whole place was a goddamn sea at once

It was, between 70 and 85 million years ago -- remember that scan I sent you about the Niobrara chalk.....

24 January, 2010 17:57  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Yes I remember that and still have it. But before you sent that which wasnt long ago I didnt know that ... so it was a really fun piece for me to read!


25 January, 2010 15:53  

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