18 January 2010

Best of the Infidel, 2009

Last year I once again let this blog get excessively dominated by politics. (This year I'll do better!) Nevertheless, I think I came up with a few worthwhile postings.

Aim at the head!

Epitaph: Bush's greatest crime

The relentless carnage continues

The EU doesn't play by its own rules

A dangerous misunderstanding

Limbaugh of the lost

The darkness can lift (if you read only one of these, read this one)

Tax the churches!

Tax the stoners! (and hookers!)

An illusion which has no future

Why are they the villains?

The walker and the dancer

Assessing Obama and PUMA

When pigs fly? Swine flew!


In our nature

To see the truth for themselves

The old future and the new

The bolder vision

Pikaia gracilens

House on Mars

Tyranny, freedom, and priorities

Psychological background noise

Six views of our planet

A specter is haunting Europe

Digging in

Excusing the crimes of the elite

Inevitable morality

Petits fran├žais

Half a loaf

There is no singleness of identity

Courageous atheist

Focus on the real problem


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