27 January 2010

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On 27 January 1945, the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz, the largest of the Nazi extermination camps. The date is now comme-morated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

While it is vital to remember the past and to uphold the integrity of history against those who deny that the Nazi atrocities even happened, we must also not flinch from recognizing that genocidal anti-Jewish hatred still festers in some quarters even today, most virulently among extremist Muslims. Beyond those who deny the Holocaust there are those who aspire to repeat it. The civilized world must ensure that they do not succeed. Never again!


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

"Beyond those who deny the Holocaust there are those who aspire to repeat it."

I think we're seeing evidence of this right here in our own country.

27 January, 2010 07:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I think that's only a tiny lunatic fringe -- hardly comparable to the theocracy in Iran more or less openly declaring its intent that another six million Jews (Israel) should be "wiped from the page of time", and pursuing the technology needed to make it happen.

The Biblical literalists' aspiration to enforce the death penalty for homosexuality found in Leviticus would, if actually carried out, require mass killing on the scale of the Holocaust -- but I was speaking here of anti-Jewish hatred specifically.

27 January, 2010 08:18  
Blogger B.J. said...

I never miss an opportunity to recommend that every voting-age American read William L. Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany. Much to be learned about seeds.

I’m just skipping through your blog, looking for the post about cats, listening to sleet outside and worrying about a power outage in this all-electric apt.


30 January, 2010 02:54  

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