07 March 2009

Link roundup for 7 March 2009

Hey, if creationists can run a school board, why not this guy? (Found via Mendip.)

Also via Mendip: Looks like this pilot wasn't paying attention in flight school.

Prash calls for a boycott of stupid boycotts.

Michael Steele wants to bring the conservative message to "urban-suburban hip-hop settings". Here's what that might look like.

Should Newt Gingrich run for President?

The horror of Catholic morality: a Brazilian Archbishop condemns an abortion performed on a nine-year-old rape victim and will excommunicate everyone involved.

Mexico is deploying its military against drug-gang violence (link sent by Ranch Chimp).

Europe is concerned about the Durban II "anti-racism" (actually anti-Israel and pro-Islam) conference. Italy has already joined the US and Canada (and of course Israel) in pulling out.

The Arctic is now warming so fast that it could lose its summer ice cover by 2013.

Neuroscience gets closer to debunking the myth of the soul.

Not miracles but technology lets the blind see -- bionics and stem cells.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Charles West Quest? Heh,heh,heh
Hell! Why not!! My grandkid's dont need it...they see enough reality in the world...and get enough horror and violence in their video games. :) I never did like school, I never could make it past the 8th grade...I only think it's good for nothing more than acquiring social skill's, I never learned much of anything there, different strokes for different folk's I reckon.My Mom(RIP) started me on a Ouija Board at age 8 ...she then later encouraged me to study the Necronomicon. The viewer on the board never moved for me...and I read the book at least a half a dozen times...and not a damn bit of it makes any more sense to me than pissing on a goddamn Armadillo would!

Should ole Newt run for President? Why not? We waste time and money on all these other lazy asses!

Republican's goin urban? I look forward to seeing Rush(Limbaugh) doin a lil rap soon. :)

The Tex/Mex border ...Oh well... it's dope as usual on the Range!

The pilot not paying attention makes me think of the 9/11 hijacker's...hitting a target in Lower Manhattan twice, way too high and too early...and ending up with only 3000 casualties and calling it a victory...dumbasses!

Summer Ice could vanish by 2013? Most folk's dont give a rat's ass right now...but they sure as hell will when it effect's all marine life and oceanic current's from the fresh water deposit's...duuuh. And they wont be able to bail that one out!

Thanx Mr.Infidel!

08 March, 2009 07:18  
Blogger Prash said...

thanks for the tag...

10 March, 2009 04:01  

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