08 March 2009

Israel: no Munich ahead

The die is cast -- Netanyahu has ended efforts to build a coalition with the Labor party, and will instead form a government with the hard-line nationalist party Israel Beiteinu, whose leader Avigdor Lieberman will become foreign minister.

The Israeli people can depend on this government to stand firm against any effort to impose such insanities as a Palestinian state or appeasement of the gangster theocracy in Tehran. This is now especially critical since Obama's intentions toward, and degree of understanding of, the Middle East are still unclear (and I don't find this at all encouraging).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh(chuckle) Why am I not suprised at the "action" of Nothin-
YaHoo(Netanyahu). This is a serious man...he dont play games...literally...he stand's his ground.

And my man "Rock" (Obama) ... is going to find himself soon between "Rock and Hard Place#15". Because I have been watching this closely...and of coarse...see this coming. What? Because recently Rock has got praise for his respect and outreach to the global Islamic community from across the board...but if he still stand's by Israel's defense like he pledged in front of those Miami Beach Jew's (BTW..my Grandma was one of them...her business right smack in the heart of JewTown MB)he will have to explain his thought's to the Islamic community...put it this way...the trick for him will be to try to please both pidgeon's with the same piece of bread, that's gonna be tough.

Later Guy....

PS: I'll drop the Rock a lil advice. :)

08 March, 2009 09:07  

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