10 March 2009

Frank Schaeffer

Ranch Chimp sends this interview with Frank Schaeffer, scion of the elite of the Christian Right, who has some startlingly blunt things to say about the current state of conservatism and the Republican party. See also his open letter. His own website is here.

People like Schaeffer may be the last hope for conservatism to escape from the corner of fundamentalism, bigotry, and reality-denial into which it is now so determinedly painting itself. We've seen the response to those thoughtful conservatives who try to raise questions in a more diplomatic way -- the hard-line true believers shout them down with clich├ęs (see links here, paragraph starting "The intellectual battle....."). Perhaps Schaeffer's tough-love approach will succeed in evoking some introspection where politeness has failed. I'm not holding my breath, though. In any case, this is the conservatives' problem, not mine.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Mr.Infidel!

I know that even you have discussed these thing's in the past, about the division in this republican party.I believe what Mr.Schaeffer say's...it is obvious. I for instance had a habit of voting mostly republican for year's,and know quite a few ole boy's and gal's who done likewise here in Texas, who may have believed in god, but just didnt talk much about belief's or attend church besides an occassional wedding or funeral, just plain ole folk's who live and let live...and tolerate religious ranting,but deep down inside resent it. We know now also...that religious affiliation's in America are in decline..as well as donation's to churches, from what I read this last week.The fact is...that many folk's that even have a belief in some higher power are getting fed up with religion's. And every goddamn problem in the world now damn near is connected to religion.Alot of folk's are realizing as well, you dont need to support these massive cult's to have faith in god. I was never against what folk's believe or not believe...but to be frank...religious movement's and these evangelical movement's including islam are pathetic...and only destructive to people. And this is exactly what alot of the republican party has leaned to. I voted straight democrat this time,and that is rare for me. Actually Texas was mostly democrat back in the old day's and around Johnson/JFK period, then it went...then the evangelical's came in and held it hostage...and 2009 the democrat movement in Texas is coming back actually...I see so many former gop folk's here just turning to the dem's for many reason's. Some analyst's say that within the next 4 year's the dem's will dominate Texas...they already do in Dallas for instance.Folk's are just getting fed up... period.

Even all the year's that I for instance voted republican. I was alway's pro-gay marriage,pro-choice,...so why do/did I vote republican so much? Because I am also very much pro-business,and supportive of defense/military and was a supporter for year's of the NRA as well,pro-gun right's. And these are thing's that are most important to me as an American. Moral issue's never motivated me in voting...I never frankly cared what folk's believe or do in their bedroom's,or toilet habit's or what have you...none of that crap protect's you, put's a paycheck in your hand,food on the table,or clothes on your kid's back! It frankly doesnt do a goddamn thing!

Time to shut up...thank you Sir!

10 March, 2009 07:27  

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