08 March 2009

"Butchery of the First Amendment"

The Muslims are trying to use the UN to suppress all criticism of Islam. Christopher Hitchens is on the case.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the post Mr.Infidel

I never seen this, but this is absolutely insanity and bending over in full drag! I have a copy of "god is not GREAT" by Mr.Hitchens...which is one hell of a read I may add. Some may think Mr.Hitchens is suicidal I reckon, I look at the man as a true warrior who probably is just sick and tired of being scared, and just got to the point where he decided that if he die's, he's going down fighting. I dont knock what peoples decide to do in their own backyard..it's not my business, but dont bring it to us...especially since we are helping those and they are OUR GUEST's. I sometimes which the goddamn UN would go bankrupt! I personally use just common sense on religious issue's.. in other word's I have my own rules. I wont walk into a group of muslim's in other word's and try to introduce them to my Teddy Bear..and say I think we should name him Muhammed. Nor would I walk into a Baptist American church...and tell the folk's I know why Jesus stopped eating M&M's...because they kept falling through the holes in his hand's. But I'll be damned if the government...especially the goddamn UN is going to dictate to us how we need to put up with this crap either... as far as I'm concerned...they can kiss my United Nationalized Ass!!

08 March, 2009 19:02  
Blogger mendip said...

Infidel753, I enjoyed and agreed with your comments at the site regarding the UN. People get much too worked up over what goes on, or doesn't go on, there. For better or worse, it's a geopolitical backwater of little real consequence.

09 March, 2009 06:32  

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