06 September 2008

Link roundup for 6 September 2008

A former heroin addict has kicked the habit.

I understand why this immigrant decided to change his name in the United States.

Fight Aging posts some thoughts on radical egalitarianism and life extension. And here's a good sally against the deathists.

Machines watch and learn (found via Mendip)

In Prague, "the party" is over (love the bit about the guest book).

Vietnamese remember McCain (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Foreign pundits' pronouncements on US politics are usually way off base, but Gerard Baker, the US editor of the London Times, has consistently been an exception. He assesses Palin here.

More than forty million people watched Palin's speech, which succeeded despite technical glitches. And people liked what they saw. McCain's speech also beat Obama's in the ratings.

Cannonfire separates fact from fakery among the anti-Palin memes (but sorry, finger-licking is disgusting). On the other hand, this and this (found via Blurber) don't sound good.

I love this video. And this won't happen, but -- I wish!

Delegates speak out on the Democratic convention vote. And this is how Obama won the caucuses.

Seen one Walter Reed, seen 'em all.

Hmmm, a pretty politics-heavy roundup this time! Well, it's what's on everyone's mind right now. But there are only 59 days until the election -- and then it will be over.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx to you Infidel and Blurber for posting the Dawkins piece on your site.I admire Dawkins as a man of reason and courage.This is exactly what I was trying to point out in a recent post..about the "danger" of this young lady.It has to do with the "mindset".NOW that she was nominated,she thinx that this is her mission,even after she became governor she was set..but this just makes the belief thing that much stronger.She will have to DO what she feels she will have to do is my point,she feels if she does NOT,she will have failed god,she has no choice..and needs to be stopped from moving forward.The dems need to approach this delicately though..and these jokes and criticisms like in bathing suits though will be damaging to the dem's.As well if Biden in a debate were to be too heavy on her on religion.Why? Because these insults and debate pressure will make her look like a victim..and many fundamoralists will grasp it,as well as Americans who feel she is being insulted because of her beliefs..the trick is to make HER fumble the ball on her own,this way no one will see it coming..it wont look planned in other words.I personally think she is one hell of a woman,but a severe danger to our country in more then one way...I'll shut up now,thank you.

06 September, 2008 06:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But there are only 59 days until the election -- and then it will be over

Over for some people, just starting for others. :)

06 September, 2008 18:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Indeed, the victors will be just beginning to embrace their power -- and responsibility.....:-)

06 September, 2008 22:13  

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