07 September 2008

God in a snack

One of the more bizarre religious delusions around is that God, in his inscrutable wisdom, frequently causes barely-recognizable images of the Divine to appear in all sorts of unexpected places such as trees, rocks, and even a cheeto. From the tendency of believers to flock to these manifestations in order to behold them and bask in their presence, they apparently believe that they hold great significance, that God is giving them as signs to us.

Yes -- when the supposed creator of the entire universe -- billions of galaxies, with stars beyond counting -- when this unimaginably powerful and subtle superbeing wants to get our attention, he does it by making some vague image appear in a rock or on some tree bark. I would have expected thousand-mile-high flaming Hebrew lettering along the orbit of the Moon, at the very least.

(I'm leaving aside the related issue of the doctrine, ostensibly believed by about one billion people, that a small wafer of bread can actually become Jesus when a qualified holy man recites certain words over it, even though it doesn't look like Jesus.)

Inspired by (and links found via) this posting, which notes an apparent similar manifestation of Darwin.

Darwin, of course, has given us a sign even more impressive than flaming Hebrew lettering -- a theory of life’s development which is supported and confirmed by every last particle of evidence we’ve been able to gather throughout the world for more than a century. That’s a sign that should make believers out of all but the most closed-minded.


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