23 August 2008

Link roundup for 23 August 2008

With the invasion of Georgia, I suppose this was inevitable.

Yet another much-trumpeted Bigfoot find is revealed as a hoax.

Not sure which gender you are? Take the browser history test.

This thug chose the wrong guy to pick on.

Christianity in Britain is losing adherents to a rival religion (no, not Islam).

Blogger Prash looks at India after 61 years of independence.

Let the record show that I correctly predicted Obama's VP pick -- he chose Not Hillary Clinton (do further details really matter?). Texas Hill Country blog reacts here.

The race is trending McCain's way. Obama's floundering campaign is assessed by US blogger Steve Soto and British essayist Gerard Baker.

Americans' opposition to illegal aliens is firm and rising -- too bad neither party is listening.

Here's a look at China's rural tensions and tormented urban youth, behind the Olympic glitz.

A mother gorilla refuses to let her dead baby go (similar behavior has been seen in wild chimpanzees).

Failing to teach evolution is dangerous (via Blurber).

MIT takes a major step forward for solar power.

Robotics is making surgery safer and more effective in Britain.

Here's a wide-ranging interview with Aubrey de Grey on life-extension technology.


Blogger Fran said...

As always good links. I had to laugh about the link to why people in the UK are leaving Christianity. I don't mean this in a bad way- just that who doesn't love Buffy?

As for failing to teach evolution, that piece was outstanding, I may do a blog piece on it. To not teach evolution is an act with far reaching and totally negative results.

As you know I have no issue with evolution and my other (ahem) beliefs. Of course, I am not a literalist.

Also enjoyed the link to the de Grey piece. You know that I am fascinated by this (I have yet to complete that other post that I emailed you about) topic.

In some ways, you know I find it as hard to grasp as you might find what I believe in.

Yet you know me well enough by now to see that I read on and press against all things.

If one does not, how does one learn or grow?

Thanks as always for your exhaustive and comprehensive link posts.

23 August, 2008 08:39  

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