12 March 2008

Symantec update

Since posting this letter on this blog, I've been contacted by two Symantec employees who left messages in the form of comments (I didn't post them because they contained individual e-mail addresses; rather, I responded to them directly). After further exchanges, I've been assured that the duplicate charge to my credit card will be reversed. I'm going to wait and see whether that actually happens, but it's more encouraging than the quagmire I was dealing with before.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Reading this made me so angry! I cannot stand incompetent customer service reps, and I equally hate making calls to such reps only to find I have to jump through flaming hoops---after going through a menu that consists of me punching in multiple numbers to get to where I'm supposed to be...with an incompetent customer service rep!

I hope this is all resolved for you quickly.

13 March, 2008 06:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I have reason to think that I'd been dealing with "outsourced", not-really-English-speaking people up to this point. Even the first followup e-mail I got yesterday showed a maddening incomprehension of the problem which I had very clearly described. But I'm pretty sure the last two messages I got yesterday were from actual Americans who did understand what I was saying. I'm hoping it's resolved.

13 March, 2008 07:21  

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