25 February 2008

Best of the Infidel, 2006

As I previously noted, the number of postings on this site has now passed 1,000, and I thought it might be worthwhile to point out a few which I consider the most worth reading. Here are the ones from my first calendar year.

Pat Buchanan gets illegal immigration wrong

Unnatural sexual behavior

Right-wingers being nutzoid about Hollywood again

Christianity distorts Roman and medieval history

Eastern and western Europe

No, language is not declining

Swearing is just tiresome

What if the Cold War had gone the other way?


My days as an abortion-clinic-defense volunteer

"Anti-life" conservatism

Basic principles

Why I'm against manned space flight

Why the "Europe is doomed" meme is rubbish

How modern schooling fails our children

The 2006 election was a win for freedom and common sense

Sometimes the little guys win

Religion doesn't make societies better

Christmas rant

Debunking the "atheism equals Communism" meme

The message of the ape

Addressing some objections to life extension

The nuisance of being without electricity

Another discussion on life extension

Islam is dying out in Russia


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