14 March 2008

Eliot Spitzer

I haven't had much to say about the Spitzer, er, affair because I haven't been following it very closely. However, I gather that he's one of those moral-crusader types who made a name for himself via, among other things, aggressive harassment of prostitution "rings" while at the same time being a perennial clandestine patron of their services, and at top dollar at that. Since being caught with his, um, hand in the, er, cookie jar, of course, he has treated us to at least one public appearance in which he implicitly affirmed his commitment to family values by utilizing his wife in the (surely) profoundly-humiliating role of a silent standing-by-her-man prop at his side.

All I can say is, the man is clearly in the wrong party. He's one diaper away from a rewarding lifetime career as a Republican Senator, at the very least. But while he clearly has the hypocrisy side down pat, he does need to work on his chutzpah. No actual Republican would have resigned so easily. Hey, if Larry Craig can brazen it out, so can you!



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