08 January 2008

Too close to call?!

Hmmm.....it looks like New Hampshire isn't going to be another Obama landslide after all. Here's a frequently-refreshed tally of the Democratic vote -- as I write this, it shows Clinton with 39% and Obama with 36%, with 44% of precincts reporting. Whoever wins, it will probably be close.

It just goes to show that the media do not always serve us well as a guide to reality, nor do they have as much influence on voters as many people believe. After months during which the conventional wisdom was that Hillary was the "inevitable" nominee, she lost by a large margin in Iowa; now, a mere five days later, during which the media proclaimed a second defeat in New Hampshire to be equally inevitable and even speculated that her overall candidacy was now doomed, it looks like she may well achieve a narrow victory and at worst suffer a narrow loss.

For a couple of "reality check" articles, written before the voting started in New Hampshire, see here and here.

Update: She wins!



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