06 January 2008

Link roundup for 6 January 2008

Sesame Street's "The Count" zeroes in on the right number.

Bill Maher speaks out on religion in politics and on missionaries.

Mendip notes that today is the birthday of the British comedian Rowan Atkinson, of Blackadder fame.

Jabberwock has a new Chick dissection posted. Today's topic is evolution.

Here's an interesting posting about Darwin and Malthus (found via Apostate's Chapel).

BAC has some noteworthy clips of Hillary at the debate.

Daylight Atheism has some sensible observations about the Bible's most amazing miracle.

Let them come to Sderot.

Mike Huckabee is a little off-target about the Ten Commandments (found via Mike's Weekly Skeptic Rant).

Here's an exhaustive overview of the notorious 2006 Lancet study, the source of the hugely-inflated figures for Iraqi civilian casualties which one still sees cited here and there.

Evolutionary Middleman posts the video of the recent roundtable among "the four horsemen of atheism" -- Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens.

Read this before you click on anything at Sears's website. Note the poll results at the lower right.

This Pakistani cleric is simply expressing the conventional Islamic stance toward non-Muslim societies as it has stood since Islam was founded -- but it's worth being reminded every so often what that stance actually is.

Finally, a very sad link. Andrew Olmsted was a blogger and an American soldier who was killed in action in Iraq this week. Here is his final posting, which has justifiably been drawing a great deal of attention around the internet.

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Blogger BAC said...

Thanks for the link!


06 January, 2008 10:13  
Blogger Unknown said...

Great list of posts. Thanks!

07 January, 2008 12:48  
Blogger tina FCD said...

I especially liked the one of the soldiers last post. It got me to thinking that it is a good idea to put our thoughts down so our family would really get to know us better. Some people can't speak their mind enough to let families really know them.

09 January, 2008 07:56  
Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Thanks for the mention!

29 January, 2008 18:25  

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