03 September 2007

A "suffocating veil of sanctimony"

The hypocrisy of the fundamentalist-Republican axis of preachy moralism has been much in the news lately, but it is not a new phenomenon (remember Jimmy Swaggart?) -- indeed, it dates back at least to the emergence of the Christian Right as a major political force with the 1980 election. This essay argues that the jig is up and the public's patience with this arrogant cabal is at an end. Our "faith-based" Republican politicians would do well to heed its message -- that is, if they can spare enough time from playing with diapers, sending sexual e-mails to minors, and engaging in sordid antics in public toilets to listen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The clip of Senator Craig brings to mind the old saying - "Those who can't - teach." In my mind the Republican version goes like this "Those who can't - preach."

Perhaps the Republicans shall finally be deprived of their favorite weapon - sanctimony.

06 September, 2007 12:46  

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