02 June 2007

Toxic toothpaste

When even the Bush-administration FDA says there's a problem -- there's a problem.

Read this too.

As a replacement, a concerned reader suggests "Tom's of Maine, which actually says 'Made in USA' on it, and states on its list of ingredients that its glycerin comes from vegetable oils."

Meanwhile, I regard this as pure theater designed to convince an alarmed world that the Chinese regime is "doing something" about its exports of tainted food products. The regime is very casual about killing its subjects (with 22% of the world's population, China carries out about 80% of the world's executions). When bad practices are so pervasive and blatant, and have been going on for years, there is something far more serious at work than just one, or a few, corrupt officials.


Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

I have'nt heard this anywhere else. What a creepy story! Are the Chinese trying to kill us?

02 June, 2007 07:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Toms of Maine"- great toothpaste. Also, although its parent company doesn't have a cruelty-free track record, Toms does.

Shocking that the "poison" toothpaste thing happens so soon after the poison pet food nightmare. Not to mention, still, all the tainted food and personal care items that don't get much of a news slot.

03 June, 2007 09:52  

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