23 May 2007

Returning to sobriety


Blogger Unknown said...

"...they are starting to see that the United States did not fabricate Islamic radicalism..."

Yeah but who stirred that hornets nest.

23 May, 2007 14:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Wrong metaphor. Violent Islamic imperialism has been an integral part of Islam going back to the time of Muhammad, and does not need to be "stirred up" by its victims. It targets pretty much all non-Muslim cultures with which it comes into contact -- India, Russia, Thailand, non-Muslim black Africa, non-Muslim groups in the Caucasus and Indonesia -- not just the West.

The period of Western colonial domination over the Muslim world, and the following few decades during which the West was perceived as too strong to be attacked, bought a temporary respite from the wave of Islamic aggression which had previously been raging since the seventh century. Due to the perception of Western weakness which arose during the 80s and 90s, Islam's normal aggressive tendency has simply re-awakened.

24 May, 2007 04:25  
Blogger Bill Yarbrough said...

agreed. U.S. involvement in Somalia (just an example) did more to re-energize Islamic militancy than did Afghanistan. Oh, and what was Afghanistan a reaction to? I can't remember.

24 May, 2007 07:31  

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