12 April 2007

Quote for the day

"If you look at how theocracies are run, you notice that good works are not high on the list of priorities. Theocrats generally do not spread God's will by opening shelters for needy families. They do not collect clothes to give to poor people. They don't run soup kitchens or teach songs to kids. They don't publish religious story books. They don't do anything constructive or fun. No, theocrats spend a lot of time banning things and punishing people.

Basically, anyone who's force-fed religious dogma is going to be bored and resentful. If you talk to anyone who's sincere and happy with his or her faith, you can see that religion is like comfort food to them. For a theocrat, religion becomes chopped liver. It's supposed to be good for you, but who'd want to eat it?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that last paragraph! So true.

13 April, 2007 10:07  
Blogger Ross said...

Religious dogma is, in my mind, the root of most evil in the world. This is a great post, because it tells it like it is. Today, in El Paso, Texas (a city I live close to), Cardinal Roger Mahoney, archbishop of Los Angeles, was in town to accept praise from the people for things he's said about the border issues down here. People protested his response to the pedophile priest issue, which was big news in LA a few years ago. This goes to show that these people are politicians. He ignored the protesters, and went on to give a speech about immigration. Is he a cardinal or a bureaucrat? He's both.

14 April, 2007 20:08  

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