25 April 2007

Go south, young woman

Mendip points out an interesting juxtaposition: just as the US Supreme Court has upheld a law restricting abortion, Mexico City has legalized it. Coincidence -- or a plan to earn a little cash by offering American women an essential service they can't get at home?

For now, the opportunity is merely hypothetical. The procedure banned by the US federal law is a rare late-term one, and Mexico City has legalized abortion only in the first twelve weeks. But if more restrictions are imposed here at the federal level, and Mexico City (or quick-thinking Mexican cities on the US border) loosen up further, the "southern option" might indeed become an essential safety valve -- for those who live near the border or can afford a long trip.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I said, as though the news site were going to hear me, when reading about Mexico City. Yep, now at least an American woman can go there if she feels she needs to have an abortion. Heck of a lot easier than heading overseas.

25 April, 2007 16:45  
Blogger The Super Sweet Atheist said...

Wow. Women are already going there for cheap face lifts. Why not abortions?


27 April, 2007 06:04  

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