11 April 2007

Climate change watch -- new poll

As with evolution, the reality of human-caused global warming is pretty much a settled issue among scientists. Unlike with evolution, it's pretty much settled among the public as well.


Blogger Eagles Nest said...

Perhaps you should check out the head climatologist with MIT before you pass judgment on that idea. Beyond that it is true that the earth has gotten warmer but do we know what is normal for the planet? It has been both warmer and colder in the past then it is now and we humans are still here, it didn't kill us off. If you are wringing your hands over the fact that earth has risen a degree in the last hundred years then you are wasting your time, by the time that the present cycle has any real effect on the earth you, your children and your grand-children will be long gone. Look around and find a real problem to worry about and work on that. In addition check out literature from the 70’s in which the experts were all predicting the coming ice age.

11 April, 2007 05:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering what we have in the White House, can there be any doubt about evolution anymore?

I suppose one could make the argument that Chimpy is some kind of hybrid, especially given his mother..... perhaps a DNA screening is in order.

11 April, 2007 08:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

@first comment: Perhaps it would be best to acquire some actual information about the problem before dismissing it in such a condescending manner. The IPCC website (see my links list at right) would be a good place to start.

11 April, 2007 11:52  

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