01 September 2006

Anniversary of a massacre

Today is the second anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attack on School No. 1 in Beslan, Russia. With over 360 deaths, it was the second-bloodiest massacre of the modern barbarian onslaught on the non-Muslim world, after the September 11 attack itself. In one way Beslan was the most terrible case of all -- because the murderers specifically targeted children.

It's an event especially worth remembering as a reminder that the West is not the only victim of these barbarians. Any non-Muslim society is at least potentially a target -- and thus potentially an ally of ours.

And it is not disrespectful to hope that those who hold power in Moscow, too, will think back on that nightmare two years ago, and reconsider whether it is truly wise to obstruct America's efforts to stop the main state sponsor of Islamic terrorism from acquiring nuclear weapons.

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