17 March 2013

Link round-up for 17 March 2013

Some fairy tales could use an update.

Those atheist extremists are just terrible!

Gin and Tacos has some art and Albanian pillboxes.

Here lies a true computer enthusiast.


Lady Atheist has videos of confrontations with religiotards at the Reason Rally.

Squatlo Rant has the perfect gay-marriage cartoon.

Hmm, would you leave your husband here?

Check out these 30 pictures of kids with their favorite toys.

Maybe American politics could benefit from this old Persian custom.

Enjoy the fight in the comments on this RedState post about Bob Portman.

Are you contributing to the atheist movement's biggest problem?

Green Eagle has another wingnut wrapup to keep you up to speed on news from the right wing.

Worst chaplain ever.

CPAC's efforts at outreach to minorities look like an epic fiascoMore here.

Wells Fargo destroys a man's life with an error it refused to correct.

Even many Evangelical home-schoolers now reject creationism.

The deficit has shrunk by half a trillion since 2009; the real issues lie elsewhere.

A California judge strikes a small blow against government snooping.

There's a budget plan in Congress which is actually realistic.  Maybe Congress should start doing something about corporate tax evasion.

Rubio updates states' rights for the 21st century (found via The Immoral Minority).

Yet another study documents the accelerating decline of religion in the US.

Democrat Pat Caddell brings down the house at CPAC with a blistering attack on Republican corruption and incompetence.

Apparently true Christians should refuse to swear oaths (found via Rosa Rubicondior).

Here's an excellent assessment of Obama's situation in the face of a Republican party gone bonkers.

Any readers work in restaurants?  Is it really this bad?

Computerized stock speculation is a menace to the economy.

McCain apologizes for calling wacko birds wacko birds.

Steven Mazie looks at the decline of violence.

An atheist police officer in Puerto Rico sues over discriminatory treatment by Christian bigots.

Britain's Prime Minister rebukes the new Argentine Pope over the Falklands.

Germany's conservatives are having an internal struggle over gay rights somewhat like ours, though without the foaming-at-the-mouth fundamentalist element.

Why do the French have such trouble with English?

Rosa Rubicondior looks at the Papal election process.

The EU faces a mass public backlash over its disastrous economic policies.

Bergoglio, the new Pope, may have been a collaborator with Argentina's brutal military regime in the 1970s, and may even have been involved in torture.

On North Korea's threats, there may be less than meets the eye.

Saudi Arabia faces a shortage of swordsmen to carry out beheadings.

In some countries, RSS is a weapon against tyranny.

"Paleo" fads and fantasies don't reflect what the Stone Age was really like.

Global temperatures are the highest they've been in 4,000 years and still rapidly rising.  In the Arctic, vegetation is spreading to vast areas formerly barren.

This is what Mars would look like after terraforming.

Pictured above:  Britain's hottest party spot in 2500 BC.


Anonymous Blurber said...

On the post, “Bergoglio, the new Pope, may have been a collaborator with Argentina's brutal military regime in the 1970s, and may even have been involved in torture.”

He also has a reputation for dabbling in international politics:

Pope Francis — the Argentine cardinal elected as the new pontiff — has been quoted as describing the Falkland Islands as Argentine soil that was "usurped" by Britain.



18 March, 2013 17:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The more we learn about the guy, the more he seems like a grubby and political character -- pretty much the right kind of guy to lead a tainted and politicized Church.

18 March, 2013 18:36  

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