29 April 2012

Link round-up for 29 April 2012

This will be a Dull and Boring partnership.

Vote Republican!

Check out these 10 reasons you might be a political d-bag.

Murr Brewster looks at the global-warming denialism scam.

Who's better off in Michigan?

I wonder if the South will actually do this someday.

Here's a romantic marriage proposal at a California military base.

Maybe the Buffett rule needs a different name.

Creationism is too stupid to argue with, but blogger BR gives it a try anyway.  PZ Myers has more.

An apparently-famous "alien" photo is debunked (found via Mendip).

Ever wonder where the KKK gets those robes?

"James the Preacher" is an idiot.

Here's the problem with nuts:  too many clashing flavorsMore here.

Charles Johnson looks at another Fox News lie.

If you're a liberal blogger who gets persistent right-wing commenters, even if you don't think of them as trolls, read this (and this) and take another look at their tactics.  (Yes, I know it's questioned whether Karl Rove actually wrote it.)

A study shows that analytic thinking can reduce religious belief.  Here's a comment thread full of people who are, er, not into analytic thinking.

The NDE rubbish has surfaced again; PZ Myers reviews how massively it's been debunked.

Romney promises to appoint theocrats to the Supreme Court.  Bryan Fischer is demanding even more.

A juicy read:  a conservative laments impending defeat in the fight over gay marriage, while commenter "Dammerung" has some blunt words.

The Republican party seems to have a demographic death wish.

Social issues are now a winner for the left, provided we don't start attacking gun rights.

Young people continue to abandon religion.

This post on Republican delusions includes a mind-boggling Chris Matthews quote.

Hey Catholics, it's time to quit.

Capitalism works, if properly regulated

The wingnuts may be working on another sting against Planned Parenthood.

Jon Huntsman says the Republican party has become so extremist that even Reagan couldn't win its nomination today.

Christians pray for atheist women in the military to get breast cancer.

The American heartland shows the effects of decades of conservative economic policies.

Romney is the perfect exemplar of the parasite class.  His assessment of Obama is flagrantly dishonest.  And he behaves like a man with something to hide.

Religion makes you hate yourself for being human.

Enthusiasm gap?  Check this out.

It's not good to be the anti-women party -- or the anti-everything party.

Extremists have re-defined Christianity, and other Christians have allowed it.

Republicans are in no position to make a fuss over the Secret Service prostitution scandal.

The Vatican's crack-down on nuns is worse than we've heard.  But the hierarchy welcomes others.

This is how the enemy thinks -- see especially comments 24 and 28-29.

Romney lacks Bush's freedom to pivot.

Tax cuts were the biggest contributor to the growth of the debt -- which tells us what to do to fix it.

Romney favors the same policies that have failed in Europe.

Austeritards won't back down even though austerity policies have produced disaster wherever they've been tried.

Norwegians rebuke Breivik in song.

Discarding the usual fudging and obfuscation on the subject, Mona Eltahawy delivers a scathing indictment of the Arab world's abuses of women.

The Gulf is still suffering the effects of the BP oil disaster.

This kind of thing is why I use only flash drives to back up my stuff.


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