26 March 2011

Link round-up for 26 March 2011

Children depict entities from the Cthulhu mythos.

SOS -- save our sharks!

Scooby-Doo's pals unmask the bond vigilante.

End-Times gabble can at least serve as comic relief.

Latest fundie-loon meme: The Japanese earthquake will unleash demonic forces triggering a rise of Nazism in the US (found via Republic of Gilead). It's certainly yet another opportunity for religious con men to fleece suckers -- though both con men and suckers have always been abundant.

Here's a surprising optical illusion.

Are young people these days culturally un-creative?

Ranch Chimp talks about Satanism and his involvement with it.

Besides being a Qaddhafi supporter, Hugo Chavez is a nutcase (found via Mendip).

No, being delusional does not give you a license to counterfeit.

Preliator pro Causa has some blog recommendations.

"Slut-shaming" is rooted in a twisted world-view.

Don't try to bullshit the IRS.

Check out this huge and intricate poster.

Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council takes a stand -- for bullies.

The New York Times plans to impose a pay-wall, but it has some weak points.

Gay marriage is stymied in Maryland, and once again religion is to blame (found via Republic of Gilead).

Romeo Morgan had a frightening encounter with police (found via Preliator pro Causa).

Leading atheist-in-a-foxhole and warrior for truth Christopher Hitchens is fighting cancer but as fierce and uncompromising as ever.

Never heard of this before, but apparently believers are lousy tippers (found via Uzza).

Delusional thinking is not harmless.

Federal health-insurance reform was frustratingly limited, but Vermont is forging ahead.

The "coat-hanger state" is at it again.

Wow, the far left sure taught Obama a lesson. Along the same lines, this is a must-read.

With Christians like this, who needs Islam?

The Mills River Progressive has some sharp questions for our country's leaders.

The Christian Right dominates -- and increasingly is -- American Christianity (found via Republic of Gilead).

The most anti-regulation part of the US shows the effects.

William Cronon puts the Wisconsin labor-rights battle in historical context, and reminds us that the Republican party was not always what it is today. "Biblical capitalism" has also played a role (found via Republic of Gilead).

Some Congressional Democrats seek a return to sanity on the budget and sex education.

GE made a profit of $14.2 billion last year, and paid no US taxes (found via Oliver Willis).

Maine's teabagger Governor Paul LePage orders the removal of a mural celebrating workers (pictured above) from the Department of Labor. Commentary here.

Republicans plot a sneak attack against the right to strike.

Class conflict has always been a big part of American politics, but now Americans are waking up to that fact.

The Catholic Church still doesn't get it.

On the Libyan intervention, the far right and far left are united in dumbth.

Americans don't trust al-Jazeera (their loss -- I've been reading it since the Arab uprisings began, and it does an impressive job).

Since Obama became President, the US has regained its position as most globally popular of world powers (found via Oliver Willis).

Palin was a flop in India.

Protests against austerity policies, already widespread in southern Europe, spread to Brussels this week and will reach London today. More on the British situation here and here. Update: The London protest drew half a million -- far more than organizers hoped -- but was marred with violence by a small minority.

Germany, ahead of the curve, plans to accelerate its phase-out of nuclear power and shift toward green energy. More here.

Leading British figures acknowledge the obvious -- the war on drugs has failed.

Libyan rebels have re-captured the town of Ajd√Ębiyah south of Benghazi -- a clear sign that they're re-gaining the initiative against Qaddhafi.

Some of Qaddhafi's closest allies are looking for a way out.

Syrians are angry and energized at their regime's increasingly- bloody crackdown.

Protest -- and repression -- have begun to escalate in Jordan.

Cyc is at his best when blogging about tiny, revolting life-forms, and he's found a doozy in Sacculina carcini.

Iron Age people used hilltop forts for rapid communication (found via Mendip).

Georgetown University Medical Center announces a major step toward stem-cell treatment of macular degeneration.

Never forget how far we've come -- this is what technology has delivered us from.


Blogger mendip said...

A wonderful set of links - thanks! The children's drawings of the Cthulhu Mythos made my day!

26 March, 2011 14:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Heart-warming that they're on the True Path so young.

26 March, 2011 14:47  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

you must read 24/7, infidel. it'll take me all day just to click on the links, let alone read everything.

26 March, 2011 18:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

you must read 24/7, infidel.

I'd do it more than that, if it were possible:-)

26 March, 2011 18:41  
Blogger Ahab said...

The children's Lovecraftian abomination pictures were awesome! What's next? A children's CD entitled, "Azathoth's Flute Music for Kids"?

26 March, 2011 19:32  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel ... I left a comment, but it didnt take it so I'll try again. Thank You for the "link/ shout out" on my posting on satanism too. I just hope folk's dont start to call me "Manic Satanic", I still prefer "Ranch Chimp" or what a couple local Texas republican's call me ... "Commie Tommie". :)

I am just now getting to sift through these. But what grabbed my atencion first was the IRS posting about trying to beat them. This is a big deal in America, believe me, and I have told this to folk's for year's. I heard alot of different stories out of folk's ... "I'm too small" ... "They have too many people to try to keep up with" ... "Who will notice it?" ... "I never file tax!" etc, etc. My dad was nabbed by the IRS for year's of, let's say "mistake's" after 60 year's old, and they show no mercy (well they didnt then) I was furious (my dad dont have a temper much) being that he was a WW2 vet, but he wasnt upset, I reckon cause it dont do any good. But they will get you eventually ... it may take year's and year's ... but this is one agency you should not jack with, they go after everything, properties, account's, investment's, even your jewelry if they have to ... they will leave you with barely a pot to piss in, if you get too crafty on them. I do my own taxes, and I alway's ask the IRS to double check me. Last year, they told me I made a mistake, and gave me a check for $1200 (extra), no ... they didnt try to "screw me" ... I wonder if a profit driven corporation would have done that? And I appreciated that!

27 March, 2011 07:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: There are already plush Cthulhu toys and suchlike. Nothing would surprise me.

RC: What does surprise me is that some people think some tendentious, idiosyncratic reading of the Constitution which they probably found in an ungrammatical pamphlet written by some black-helicopter-believing fundamentalist survivalist is actually going to carry any weight in the real world. If they did, everyone would long ago have started using them and the tax system would have collapsed.

27 March, 2011 08:08  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Also I meant to comment on the piece from NY Times I believe on GE's tax play ... I didnt see this before so found it interesting to read the blueprint for this particular entity, I know there are many game plan's, and many corporation's have their own designed just for them. You probbaly suspect some of ths stuff as well, since you said your into accounting.

28 March, 2011 13:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Kinda funny how a molehill of bullshit will land the average guy behind bars, but a mountain of it gets some giant entity off scot- (and tax-)free.

28 March, 2011 14:29  

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