22 February 2010

Who are the teabaggers?

Jokes aside, who are the people who make up this movement? The Crossed Pond has a post and discussion in the comments thread here -- I should mention that it's a pro-Ron-Paul blog, although commenter "Thimbles" is a liberal. Andrew Sullivan has a roundup of views on the same topic here.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link up's here guy, I still dont get this group .... or at least see anything much in them that I havent heard and seen before out of the right wing. With the exception of Ron Paul, that recently I been seeing and hearing more about. But Mr.Paul is some one that I listened to closely back a few year's ago, before this recent popularity, in his radio addresses here in Texas, before this teabag stuff was around ... you know ... anybody can make a couple of attactive point's in their speeches .... but at that time (I dont know what he is sounding like these day's, nor do I care to know) I really thought Ron Paul was living in a fantasy world .... some nice thought's here and there ... but not realistic or healthy for this era in America .... but that's just my opinion. Too me .... even to this day ... I dont see anything that the republican party or any of their affiliate's ( none of these new movement's that think of them selves as alternatives, have anything alternative to offer anywayz, their idea's are old deadwood ) have to offer America ... if they won much of anything it would be a miracle, and only out of folk's anger over the time's, which they would regret a few year's down the road and be back at square one. I'm not saying that the democrat's have all the answer's ... just more to offer as far as idea's and actually getting anything done. We have a "mess" ... and going back to where we were a few year's ago, or 20 year's ago etc,etc is not a workable solution, at least not for the nation ... maybe a few individual state's would be more like it.

Thanx Mr.Infidel ......

23 February, 2010 06:07  
Blogger TomCat said...

I think the first guy made a pretty good point that there are many different flavors of tea bagger. Also, the teabaggers established by Ron Paul, and the more numerous ones who idolize Glen Beck, are different animals.

23 February, 2010 13:29  

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