02 May 2007

Things that make me mad

(1) The Pat Tillman slime job. If this doesn't make your blood boil, you're probably already a pod person and not an actual human. Look, every friendly-fire death in battle is tragic, but everyone understands that such things sometimes happen. Trying to hide the truth, and insulting his family when they insisted on pursuing it, are unforgivable. The snark about Tillman's atheism is the final straw. For videos of recent testimony in Washington, see here.

(2) Yet another round of arrogant demonstrations by people who shouldn't even be in this country but feel entitled to "demand" things. Chell explains what's wrong with this here and here; read of self-righteous religious co-conspirators here. It's time to use the internet once again to mobilize the people and lay down the law to Congress: Build the border fence. Tough employer sanctions. No amnesty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knowing some truths about Pat Tillman ought to make more of us look up to him as a hero. He chose to give his life instead of leading a comfy life. No matter how it happened, it happened during the course of his standing for his country. Everything that has gone on since, the lies, how he was used and insulted, what the family has had to face, is sickening.

Thank you big for the links! Isn't it amazing how illegal aliens and those who harbor them get so much media attention while freely gathering in the streets, while the gatherings and protests supporting the U.S. get no attention? Look what that does to help shape opinion! And the situation with the church harboring an illegal alien (apparently other churches have, or wish to, follow suit), there's always a sad face to show us, so we'll feel guilty. How about the sad faces of Americans hurt by illegal immigration? Your blog, your choice whether or not to leave this long rant here- lol!

02 May, 2007 10:20  

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