03 March 2024

Link round-up for 3 March 2024

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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You're doing that wrong.

Cats and toasters do not mix.

What if the Bible was fun?

He must have done something to make his wife mad.

Wedding guests, please don't interrupt.

Lady M visits one of Denver's most haunted places.

Some people are so gullible.  How do I get in on making money off this?

To stop Godzilla, get to the root of the issue.

Maybe he'll learn his lesson.  Maybe.

At last, we finished building the wall..... oops.

He uses his truck to make tea.

These boats actually moved a floating island (this happened on a lake in Wisconsin).

Maybe we're doing leap years wrong.

What's the best way to threaten someone with a bow and arrow?

The Spartans actually sucked.

A dog should behave this way -- a human should not.

Sometimes, one intelligent life form helps out another.

Contrary to long-standing belief, syphilis or related diseases existed in the Americas long before 1492.

The Odysseus lunar lander failed because the company didn't test it properly because that would have cost too much.  We need to consider banning manned space travel by the private sector.  There's too much temptation to cut corners to save money.  Human life shouldn't be placed at such risk.

WordPress and Tumblr are planning to sell out their bloggers' work to be stolen and imitated by "AI".

Don't just fight "AI", support real creators.

Believe your mother.

Explore the mystery stairs.

It really does matter which way the characters in a movie are going.  Fascinating stuff!

"AI" is destroying the internet's usefulness for research.

Suffering doesn't make you nobler or stronger.  It's just suffering.

This person may exist.  But I hope not.

It may be that the monetization and shittyization of the internet is reaching its limits.

Not everything needs to be on video.

Here's an interesting history of the last quarter-century of techno-gimmick scam companies, and why things have been going to shit lately.  "AI" is their final hope, the one thing the morons with money still believe in, their chance to excitedly flush billions down the toilet one last time.

Trump expounds upon language (found via Hackwhackers).  He, not Biden, is the one with obvious mental issues.

This pastor exists.  He apologized after a backlash, but the fact remains he said what he said.

Marion Stokes created a unique historical archive.

See a complete idiot get pwned.

The art that somebody wants to censor is the art that must be defended most fiercely.

Free time is the most valuable time of all.  It's no virtue to spend every waking moment turning widgets counterclockwise to further enrich the financial parasite class.

Why are older TV shows more popular than newer ones?

Let no topic be off limits to study, let no conclusion be forbidden if the evidence supports it.

Dragging work-from-home employees back to offices adds no value and make employees unhappy and resentful.

FFS don't rely on "AI" chatbots for election information.

Meet just a few of the victims of religion.

Tuberville really is an idiot.

What a self-righteous, enraged cheater.

Biden should campaign on expanding Social Security.  It's a winning issue even with Republican voters.

Taxes on Social Security benefits are creeping up.  Congress can and should act, but probably won't.

An arrogant CEO channels the spirit of Marie Antoinette.

Abortion rights are the top issue for young women voters, a potential election game-changer of colossal proportions.

Another valuable issue for Democrats:  most Americans want access to birth control.  Even 72% of Republican voters support it.

The naming of a new US Navy destroyer honors a World War II hero who was ignored at the time (found via SickoRicko).

A union election victory in Alabama signals that auto workers in the South are open to unionization.

You are not obligated to tolerate guests who hate you in your home.

A new campaign seeks to encourage millions of the poorest Americans to vote.

Yes, she was a hero.  Not many today would have the same courage.

Trump wants to raise your taxes and boost inflation.

A former senior manager at Boeing discusses how the company's safety standards went to hell.

This eighty-year-old sounds perfectly coherent to me.

These doctors want to discuss their sex lives with your kids.

In Michigan's Democratic primary, the Nazi "uncommitted" campaign to pressure Biden into backstabbing Israel won a hundred thousand votes, 14% of the total.  In a primary this makes no practical difference since Biden is effectively unopposed, but in the general election, that many people could easily hand Michigan to Trump.

She's being forced to share a bunk with a man who had raped his own daughter.

Large majorities of Americans agree with Trump on immigration, crime, and transgenderism (but disagree with him on many other issues, such as cutting corporate taxes and increasing presidential power).

Sikorski is right -- the credibility of our country is at stake and right now a minority of House Republicans are trashing it.

Get rid of Confederate monuments and the squid-ink of nonsense and lies protecting them.

Consider the legacy of Mitch McConnell, the intelligent evil man whose partnership with the stupid evil man, Trump, made our country a much worse place.  But if Trump becomes president again, McConnell is one of the few Republicans who could have kept him under control.

Stop telling lies about murderers like this.  "These are not our crimes."

He's the perfect guy to represent women.

Ursula von der Leyen, one of the EU's most powerful figures, supports using the profits from frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine.

France stands in Ukraine's corner.  In Germany, the pacifist/Putinist fifth column is still too powerful.

Putin's bullying is driving yet another country, Moldova, to aspire to join NATO.

Pictures here from Navalny's funeralThousands attended.

More links at WAHF and Fair and Unbalanced.

My posts this week:  some truths and inspirations, and the meaning of La Marseillaise.

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Why do people say they're going to do things and then not do them?  If you're not going to do it, don't tell people you are going to do it.


Anonymous Johnny Profane Âû said...

There's a great deal I want thank you for. Your clarity. Your persistence. Your generosity of spirit. So, thank you. You should hear that a lot.

03 March, 2024 06:03  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

03 March, 2024 10:42  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

That wife filling up the boat while he can't figure out where the water keeps coming from was funny.

The dog bringing back the leash was funny. My dog would take off until he got hungry then he would come home. Im sure.

I love the fact that the dolphin asked for help, the guy understood and helped the rapped dolphin.

Private sector space travel is scary if they are going to cut corners.

That pastor made a big mistake.

I realized I posted these comments on the wrong post.

03 March, 2024 13:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Johnny: Thank you, I appreciate the very kind words. I do strive to express such virtues in my posts, but in truth, I do not hear such responses very much.

Ricko: Thanks for bringing out the story.

Mary K: It's funny to see the dog bring back the other dog that ran away, but it disturbed me a little to imagine humans acting that way -- a human slave bringing an escaped slave back to the master. Dogs are naturally subservient to us because we've bred them to be that way. I hope it never becomes a praised form of behavior for our own kind.

Dolphins are very intelligent. Apparently they understand that we can help them and are sometimes willing to.

Private companies are supposed to make profits, so they always have an incentive to cut corners. I don't want to imagine flying to Mars on a ship built with the same kind of crap engineering Elon Musk brings to Tesla and SpaceX. It would end up as an epic tragedy.

The idea that it serves a woman right to get raped because she was wearing shorts is disgusting. These religio-moralists are sick.

03 March, 2024 14:53  
Anonymous Reaganite Independent said...

This history of techno scams was particularly amusing to me, seems to be a wave of this sort of thing now, not only the products but ‘invest in AI breakthrough!’, etc.

All the survival bunker gear is a big scam now too, really. And they’re selling ‘military’ flashlights etc. People love to play soldier, just paint it green and they’ll buy it. Do make sure the guy doing the voiceover in the commercial sounds like a gravelly-voiced wrestling announcer or a cowboy

Lots of health scams now,
quacks LOVE the Internet era

Or some guy in a gym yelling at me about carbs or metabolism or whatever

Been seeing ads for ‘You’re pooping wrong’ all this week, complete with colorful diagrams, whenever I’m trying to eat 🙄 But I’m sure they’re ready to offer a helpful solution

04 March, 2024 00:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Scamming suckers, like everything else, seems to be facilitated by the internet. It figures the survivalist types would be especially easy marks, what with their obsessions and the fact that the practical usefulness of what they're buying will never actually be tested under the conditions they're buying it for.

So many dull-witted and ignorant people want to believe they have some special insider knowledge that the "normies" and experts don't have. I imagine there have always been people like that, but it seems to be snowballing now, and they'll fall for pretty much anything that's sent to them on the right mental wavelength.

05 March, 2024 00:30  

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