01 September 2023

Video of the day -- teh stoopid, it burns, literally

In China, engineering is so crappy that even electric scooters routinely burst into flame.  Ironically for a totalitarian state, under-regulation is a big part of the problem.


Blogger NickM said...

My first proper laptop was an IBM Thinkpad. It was brilliant. Then IBM sold their Thinkpad brand to Lenovo of China. Yeah, they're cheap but they are shite. Keyboards are poor and weird (things like no light on Caps Lock). The build quality is abysmal as is general reliability and they are verging on surviceable. It took me over an hour (and a full toolbox) to change a battery on one once. That was a test of skill. Parts included I had to charge GBP120 for that. Those tranplant surgeons have it easy.

So will I buy a PRC computer? You can bet my sweet ASUS the answer is "NO!!!" If more people voted with their future wallets and didn't just look at the immediate price-tag...

01 September, 2023 04:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I wouldn't trust anything made in China.

02 September, 2023 21:33  

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