09 May 2023

Image round-up for 9 May 2023

More pictures, some slightly NSFW -- click for full size.

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Revenge at last!

Looking at the Arabic, I can actually see how somebody knowing zero English and going word-by-word with a dictionary would end up with this

Fire temple, Yazd, Iran -- note pre-Islamic style and imagery

Roman town of Colonia Ulpia Traiana, near site of modern Xanten, Germany

Lavender field, Turkey

Ancient Greek crowns

Ouro Preto, Brazil

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka


Blogger Lady M said...

I would take my chances with the cars if I were a runner. The lavender field in Turkey is a feast for the eyes. I guess you read Arabic since you can translate the sign about special women entering men. And of course, I love some of the dark imagery - the graveyard, the kissing skeletons, and the demon.

09 May, 2023 04:47  
Blogger Martha said...

These are always fun! The one telling the runners to move to the side of the road...eek!...not a good idea.

09 May, 2023 04:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lady M: I think I'd do my running somewhere else, somewhere with fewer alligators.

I can read Arabic well enough for that. The first part actually means "restricted to women only". In standard Arabic the verb goes before the subject, so "are not allowed to enter, the men" is normal, but the translator obviously didn't realize English doesn't work like that. Whoever wanted the sign to be in English as well really should have hired somebody who knew what they were doing.

I always try to include a variety of pictures, and there are plenty of "dark" ones in inventory.

Martha: I suspect the alligators themselves put that sign up. It's their way of getting dinner delivered.

09 May, 2023 09:44  
Blogger Sandee said...

I love the goat and the revenge ones the best.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

09 May, 2023 14:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks! I thought those two were funny too.....

09 May, 2023 18:55  
Anonymous Reaganite Independent said...

Is that Maggie Thatcher is DJ? Where do you find this stuff đŸ˜‚

10 May, 2023 03:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yep, that's her -- I can't remember where I found that picture, though. I find stuff all over.

Still, Reagan was an actor before getting into politics, Carter was a peanut farmer, etc..... so maybe it's not surprising if Thatcher did a few other things too.

10 May, 2023 05:53  
Blogger CAS said...

Several lol moments going through these, except for that broken toilet—straight out of one of my recurring stress dreams. The city of tenements is also disconcerting. I can't imagine living in such a place.

Many lovely images though. The building with the giant chairs and tables is cool. Do you know where it is?

11 May, 2023 20:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I wonder how the toilet was blown up like that -- a fast-food fart, perhaps? The city with all the monotonous identical high-rises is probably in Russia somewhere -- some of the buildings have Russian writing on them. They built a lot of residential buildings like that right after World War II when the priority was just to get people into housing after the tremendous destruction of the war, but in the last couple of decades they've been trying to build better quality. I guess a lot of the old stuff still remains, though.

The buildings designed to look like tables and chairs are a bank headquarters in Japan. The Japanese have a knack for eccentricity rivaled only by the British.

11 May, 2023 21:08  
Blogger CAS said...

I wondered if that was Japan. One of my daughters is in Tokyo right now. I'll have to send her that pic. I sent your alien cows to my other daughter who loves all things bovine.

The housing project reminded me of that video you posted a while back of the empty highrises in China—the pyramidal house of cards that the Chinese refer to as real estate investments.

11 May, 2023 22:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

That cow picture is pretty strange. Most of the time I can make a guess as to the context of these images, but I can't imagine what inspired that one.

At least the Soviet high-rises have stayed up for decades (though the overall construction quality is still awful -- badly-angled surfaces so that doors jam against the floor and things like that), and served some purpose by housing millions of people. China nowadays seems like an absolute bizarro world. Who knows what their military is really like. Hopefully we'll never find out.

11 May, 2023 23:18  

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