08 March 2023

Video of the day -- Hitchens on Islam

Christopher Hitchens has been lost to us for more than a decade now -- but his words will never die.  Of particular interest, I thought, was the segment starting at 5:44 where he observes how more humane societies are possible when the true morality innate in humans overrides the fake morality promulgated by religion.  But if you know Hitchens, you know all of this will be good.


Anonymous CASeidl said...

He is missed. We need another outspoken genius, with zero tolerance for BS, to fill his shoes.

On a completely different note, if you have access to Chris Rock’s latest performance on Netflix, I think you’ll appreciate it.

08 March, 2023 19:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

There's no one else quite like him. I hope someday there will be.

I don't have Netflix or anything like that, but I'm sure I'll eventually be able to find it on YouTube or somewhere similar.

09 March, 2023 05:20  
Blogger Lady M said...

We do need someone so eloquent to take up the role once more. He left a mighty big hole.

09 March, 2023 07:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I hope someone will arise to do so, but there will never be anyone quite like him.

10 March, 2023 03:37  
Blogger Daal said...

never heard of him & now I miss him. tx for posting

12 March, 2023 16:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I hope you'll be inspired to find out more about him. He was quite a character.

13 March, 2023 05:55  

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