13 February 2023

Video of the day -- make dating real again

If anything, Maher understates his case here -- even most men don't have much success with "dating apps".  But most of this is right on target, notably the degrading effect of porn on sexuality.


Blogger CAS said...

Man, Bill Maher really knows how to spin a monologue (or at least surround himself with writers that do.) I never know whether to laugh or to cry when I listen to him. I feel as though the tide is starting to turn though and that young people are realizing that they've been robbed. Even some of the worst screen addicts are admitting that the hours they've passed online have poisoned their brains and crippled their ability to interact with people in the real world. It's really sad but hopefully, increased awareness of social media's toxicity will help current victims recover and improve the online experiences of future young people.

13 February, 2023 14:14  
Blogger NickM said...

Simples. I don't use social media. I'm gonna have to start because web-design (my thing) increasingly needs it. If you ask me... It is the rise of the smart phone and the continual telegraphese that has resulted in. It's why I prefer blogs and stuff.

13 February, 2023 16:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

CAS: I hope so. Surely they must realize something is wrong. Unfortunately many people who have grown up with social media and online porn, when they find that the real world isn't like their fantasies, get mad at the real world -- kind of like a kid who refuses to accept that Santa isn't real.

NickM: I never have either, and I don't get the appeal of it. People say it helps them connect with other people, but actually it seems to make them ever more isolated and insecure and inept at real social interaction.

14 February, 2023 01:55  
Blogger Daal said...

I met my darling husband on the internet back in 1998. it's a tool, like anything else -- & there's much to be said for what people put up with. when I found jerks, I just didn't give them time of day...

19 February, 2023 20:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I once met a person on the internet that I ended up having a relationship with, but that was via the blog. It's not the internet as such that's the problem, it's social media and dating apps that reduce everything to a shallow level. Even then I'm sure people occasionally meet someone good, but I think that must be unusual.

19 February, 2023 21:57  

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