08 January 2023

Link round-up for 8 January 2023

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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I'll just drive off down the street..... oops.

He guards the way to where you must "go".

Learn the true story behind Christ's gifts.

Experience being pursued by a ferocious beast.

Even Aleister Crowley once lost a magical duel.

Hide your money where nobody will want to look for it.

This is sacred ground.

A sea monster attacked the ship and sank it.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Mom is a meticulously neat eater.

Odd-looking plants here (well, the first one is a fungus).

Guy #2 will forever be known as "hot ass".

Cats endure human behavior and the demands of life.

This is how they make..... uh..... whatever these are.

Some people exist shielded from the world.

Maybe a doppelgänger wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Here's an improved version of that "all images with speakers" captcha that's going around.

Remember Cartrivision, the most inconvenient home-video format ever invented.

This is not a "safety dance".

Awesome outfits.  If your boss makes you go back to the office, wear one of these.

Here are some ways to deal with movies with wildly-varying volume levels.

Japan now has holographic crosswalks.

Here's a new year's poem from 1802.

Kamila Valieva does Wednesday Addams on ice.

Here are the major deaths of 2022 in one picture.

Collection of 2023 predictions here.

What matters is not your place in the cosmos, but what your life means to you.

Read a poetic remembrance of the persecutions of the Dark Ages.

Cas d'intérêt reviews a novel and film of World War I.

See the colorful blanket octopus.

Lots of photos here from a visit to Egypt.

Johnny Profane discusses living authentically and communication issues with autism.

Atheist Revolution blog lists its most popular posts of 2022.

It's not the librarian's job to parent your kid, or to censor stuff you don't like.

Worst-designed car ever.

If there are pictures of you on the internet, they can be used to ruin your life.

Here are some sites where you can post original fiction (as opposed to fanfic), though with a caveat.

These file-sharing sites offer anonymity and encryption for security against hackers and governments alike (I have not tried any of them, but the info sounds worth passing along).

There are companies that pirate fiction writing which has been posted on sites like AO3.

Why would anyone object to having this guy around?

Clean shipping technology from 1909 is competitive again.

A new stem-cell treatment to replace damaged retinal neurons is ready for human clinical trials.

Bad guys lost big in 2022.

If you're prone to getting seizures from certain light effects, be wary of current movies and other media -- they're getting careless.

What a nice person.

Patients know best how much pain they're in.

In the fight for abortion rights, men should be seen as more than allies.

The long fight for the House speakership has proven to be inspiring to cartoonists.

No, oft-cited cases such as clownfish and hermaphroditic plants do not change the fact that sex is binary.

During the pandemic, US income inequality got even worse.

I predict a big increase in VPN usage in Louisiana.

I don't see how they'll ever get twelve people to convict this guy.

Annie Asks You blog has a few questions about the House speaker election.

Activists bullying people into accepting Orwellian changes in language is not the same thing as natural language evolution.

His salad came with something extra.

The ash from burning coal is more radioactive than nuclear power plant emissions.

How are we going to compete with foreign countries where university students just learn real math and science without this kind of bullshit?

A former anti-vaccine "influencer" acknowledges her error.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a religious cult.

Putin and his regime are very appealing to sexually-twisted freaks in the US.

Younger workers are the most pro-union generation in the US -- and they've got good reasons.

"You're not free.  You're afraid.  You're obedient."

Here's a listing of women athletes who lost deserved wins because of men participating in women's sports.

The stock market now goes down when there's good economic news.

Bernie Sanders has big plans for 2023.

A new study claims that conspiracy nutjobs become less anti-social if they're encouraged to think.  Good luck with that.

A new FDA ruling will make abortion pills more easily available.

As gender ideology grows more extreme, it gets easier to wake people up.

Clean energy will generate jobs for the majority of workers displaced by the phase-out of fossil fuels.

An Islamic scholar explains why Islam is incompatible with democracy.

Anti-vaxers are now claiming every unexplained death as being caused by covid vaccines (I see a lot of this on some right-wing blogs).

60% of Texans support abortion being available in all or most cases.

Here's one view of what went wrong at Southwest Airlines.

A 2009 case reminds us of the horrors of Catholic dogma.

Two suspects have been arrested in the attack on a Washington state electric substation last month.

Mockery is no answer to a real problem (scroll down).

Lucas Kunce is back to take on Josh Hawley in 2024.

"Tankies" (supporters of Russian tyranny and aggression) go to absurd lengths to blame the US for Putin's war crimes.

2022 was the year defenders of democracy fought back.

Many countries, including the US, are imposing rules to minimize the spread of covid from China.

Some UK activists have realized that harassing innocent bystanders isn't a good way to win people over.

Putin's former energy leverage over Europe is gone.

France is promising tanks to Ukraine, the first ally to do so.  German-made tanks may soon follow.  How much further will the West go, and how quickly?

Ukrainian soldiers pay tribute to fallen comrades.

Russia wallows in barbaric war crimes.

The war is weakening Russia's already-fragile air force.

A rabbi warns that the Putin regime will scapegoat Russian Jews for the Ukraine war disaster.

Russia's Wagner mercenary group is recruiting violent criminals from prison to fight in Ukraine and then releasing them back into Russian society, to the anger of many.

Only a total Ukrainian victory, including the recovery of Crimea and Donbas, can produce a stable future for eastern Europe.

The Iranian theocracy is in a snit with France over Charlie Hebdo.

Iranians don't share the regime's veneration of Soleimani.

Iran's "supreme leader" takes a hard line against the uprising.

Every Friday the eastern Iranian city of Zahedan (population just half a million) holds a protest this size.

An Iranian chess player has defected to Spain after she received threats for appearing without hijab when she wasn't even in Iran.

The Chinese regime continues to silence critics of its disastrous covid policies.

In Benin, women are cultivating shrooms to get some independent income.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, WAHF, and Miss Cellania.

My own posts this week:  the ten most important events of 2022, my best posts of the year, and an image round-up.

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Today marks thirty-eight days since railway workers were robbed of their right to strike for paid sick leave.  Issue the executive order, Biden!


Anonymous NickM said...

Fom your link...

Fuentes also refers to himself as an incel, although he also states that he deliberately stays away from women, because he is heterosexual.

(the bolding is mine)

Wow! Just wow!

In similar vein Czar Putin has a new calender out...


And not entirely different...


... makes me wish I didn't junk that old 386SX 20 years ago.

08 January, 2023 08:20  
Blogger seafury said...

Now wait just a minute! Do you realize that these "sick days" will cost at least 2.5% of gross profits? Thankfully our brave railroad CEO's and activist shareholders like the oracle of Omaha are fighting back against the naked socialism exhibited by these overpaid, underworked
railroad "workers". How many sleepless nights have they spent wondering about the future? the next earnings call? How can they compare simply sitting in a train engine pulling a mile long string of train cars weighing 20,000 tons to that long walk to the shareholders meeting or BOD call and having to tell them that profits were off by 1/2%. RR employees need to grow up!!

08 January, 2023 08:35  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Happy New Year, Infidel! Good inside perspective about what is going wrong with Southwest Airlines. Anti-vaxxers are blaming it on the COVID vaccine. Oy!

On another note, I finally put together a post after nearly two years. Perhaps you have heard about the atrocity known as George Santos who managed to get elected as my Congressman.

08 January, 2023 11:59  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I love the truck sliding down the street. I think they're making plastic suitcases in that video.

08 January, 2023 12:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: I couldn't figure out Fuentes's "logic".

I don't know about Putin personally, but some very macho guys who project that kind of image are "incels" in a different way -- not that they never engage in the physical act of sex, but they abstain from any emotional involvement or relationship. They don't want the personal connection and are always fundamentally alone. It's not exactly sex, it's just using another person to masturbate.

Seafury: That seems to be exactly how a lot of them think. The tumbrels can't come soon enough.

Tommykey: Anti-vaxers will probably soon be claiming vaccines cause meteors.

I took a look at your post, thanks (will be in the next round-up).

Ricko: I'd hate to see the results when that truck reached the bottom of the street. Maybe you're right about the suitcases. I suspected some kind of kitchenware but couldn't be sure.

08 January, 2023 20:48  
Blogger Daal said...

the banana eater is priceless!!! here I thought it was just me lol

09 January, 2023 21:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yeah, I guess monkeys hate those stringy bits too!

09 January, 2023 21:35  

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