21 December 2022

Video of the day -- a dangerous and stupid idea

An entertaining and effective dissection of the "colonizing Mars" idea.  (1:52 to 3:02 is an ad if you prefer to skip it.)  Who wants to live an utterly artificial and unhealthy life under a fragile dome in the middle of a frozen desert forty million miles from the rest of humanity -- with Elon Musk controlling your oxygen supply?  I also wrote about this issue here.


Blogger nycRed714 said...

Will I get in trouble if I share this to Twitter?

21 December, 2022 13:24  
Blogger bluzdude said...

I think the Mars colony would be a great idea... as long as it's populated with Evangelicals. They all they'd have to do is pray for food, water, and breathable air. Problems solved!

21 December, 2022 14:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NYCRed714: I'm sure that won't be a problem. Most people who make videos want them to be as widely seen as possible.

Bluzdude: Excellent point. I'm sure God would be attentive to their needs -- unless he decides that colonizing Mars is an effort to get too close to Heaven, like the Tower of Babel. There's always some excuse when things don't work out.....

21 December, 2022 14:43  
Blogger Leanna said...

OMG! I died laughing. Finally, when I came back reincarnated as myself again I had to show my husband. Then we both died laughing. Really. I'm hoping to come back before Festius because I have a whole lot of grievances to air. Many about that idiot Musk.

21 December, 2022 16:19  
Blogger Lady M said...

WTF - I am just shaking my head.

22 December, 2022 10:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Leanna: At least some of Musk's idiocies are funny. It's his only redeeming feature. And unlike with his antics at Twitter, his Mars nonsense will never actually harm anybody since nothing will ever actually get done.

Lady M: The fact that so many people take this kind of thing seriously is the supreme example of wishful thinking defeating common sense.

22 December, 2022 18:32  
Blogger Kwark said...

Just another one of Musk's giant grifts. Terra forming Mars as a plan B in the event we destroy Earth is right up there with the tin-foil hat stupid idea that we should try to recreate mammoths or woolly rhinoceros - never mind the little detail that we're driving thousands of OTHER species to extinction from habitat loss alone.

22 December, 2022 20:57  
Anonymous Reaganite Independent said...

What I don’t get is what’s the idea of promoting manned space travel at all, already with current advances it seems obvious unmanned exploration is the only type of plan that makes sense, at least for anything beyond the moon..

Whatever humans could do out there of any use to us could be performed/controlled remotely, or so it would seem, they’re already using a small drone copter on Mars. How much of a hassle + expense would it be to establish a functioning helicopter operation with human pilots on Mars? Why even bother? Hard to see any benefit in it, relevant to the cost

AI will surely seal the deal, We will be able to provide a robot a broad outline of instructions, with minor decision making delegated to that given device. Human space travel will mostly be relegated to science fiction, it seems

23 December, 2022 07:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Kwark: The "plan B" justification is the dumbest of all. Establishing an even remotely viable colony would cost trillions. We'd be far better off spending those trillions on Earth, on meteor defenses, mitigation of global warming, etc to save all eight billion instead of just a few hundred (who wouldn't survive long on Mars anyway).

Reaganite: I've been trying to make that point for years. Manned space flight is still quite dangerous, and far more expensive than robots. And, indeed, there's almost nothing humans could do in space that machines couldn't do. We've explored the whole solar system, all the way out to Pluto, without ever needing to send people.

23 December, 2022 09:27  

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