07 November 2021

Link round-up for 7 November 2021

Only 358 days until Halloween!  Better start getting ready!

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Step up and take your pun-ishment.

Animals meet their ancestors.

Maybe it goes well with cheese?

Seriously, don't do this.

Outstanding doggie costumes here.

Not quite an anti-vaxer.....

Labor unrest spreads to an iconic candy factory.

Makes sense -- it must have been one of those three guys.

Slide the door open and the truth is revealed.

Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin.

Merely a tax law.

If that's her boyfriend, it's been a while.

All this [giggle] movie violence [snicker] is just horrifying [guffaw].

The Jewish Buddha is smarter than the regular Buddha.

Teamwork solves the problem.

Yeah, that "fun-size" thing is weird.

Here are the winners of the Manitou Springs skeleton craze.

Get out of that box, you weirdo.

A special ingredient makes the wine magical.

Yeah, this is clown world all right.

Just tell me your name.

It must have been tough being an insurrectionist once all the fun was over.

Snow is versatile.

I don't know what's going on here and I don't want to (NSFW-ish).

Forget big pick-up trucks and guns -- the new size compensator is tungsten cubes.

It's a valid pumpkin.

Turns out Marie Antoinette was getting some on the side.

Take a last look at Lady M's Halloween.

Old letters offer an intriguing, if sometimes enigmatic, link to the past.

Why the fascination with hideous houses?

Love me back, or.....

Meta?  Try Metadata.

Some Mississippi towns actually move Halloween when it falls on a Sunday, so it won't coincide with church day.

When a billionaire dies.....

Finally, a truthful "nobody wants to work" window sign.

Better a free hug than blind obedience.

Birds are evolving.

Sixteenth-century Venice supported an important industry.

Tip here on downloading images on sites where right-click/save is disabled.

Don't stand so close to that thing.

Think you've seen waves?  These are waves.

This is Iceland (NSFW blog).

Yes, the ancient Greeks figured out all this stuff (though the date is slightly wrong -- these were discoveries of the Hellenistic period, starting with the third century BCE).

See the Moon -- all of it.

You have trillions of these.

It's a magnificent vista of South African jacaranda trees.

Keep history safe.

If you ever see a perfectly straight lightning bolt, it could be evidence of the elusive cosmic phenomenon of "dark matter".

Don't fall for the nature fallacy in farming.

Just imagine what we'll know after one more century.

Yes, there is an inescapable conflict between science and religion.

Sorry, you don't "go" anywhere after you die (found via SickoRicko).

Your website sucks (NSFW blog).  Seriously, if visiting a site means I need to use special technology to avoid feeling hassled, I probably just won't go there.

Aviation is plagued by delays and assholes.

You created it, you own it.

God made you ugly.

Sometimes a horror story is true.

Repeat a lie often enough and you will come to believe it, even if no one else does.

Smartphones take over your life and place you at the mercy of giant corporations that spy on you.

"I pee in pools" -- and shoot at schools.

This is one hell of a tough man.

If your family trashes you for trying to improve your health, you are better off ditching them.

I guess this was inevitable -- transtranswomen.

The immunity bestowed by covid-19 vaccines is five times greater than the "natural immunity" left over from an earlier infection.  More here on the differences.

Social media have essentially normalized cyberstalking.

He told her the truth -- then the real truth.

There's evidence that dietary changes can help with fibromyalgia, though the benefits aren't huge.

Anyone can see which side is committing hate speech here.

Employers often lie to applicants about jobs, apparently.

If you like seeing "sovereign citizen" assholes undergo pwnage, check out this new YouTube channel.

In some fights, compromise is impossible -- the only option is to win.

People in my state are quitting their jobs in droves, even if they don't have a new job lined up.

Great thoughts here from Albert Camus on real vs fake patriotism, and much more.

Covid-19 had help (found via Hackwhackers).

The gay movement embraced free speech -- LGBTQ++++ embraces censorship.

Stop lecturing people when you yourself aren't any better.  And this is a valid point.

Is Carville right about woketardia damaging the Democrats?  (See my comment too.)

At least when Democrats lose they don't screech about "vote fraud".

Some California counties are shutting down In-N-Out restaurants for refusing to enforce vaccination rules.  I don't see how it's any different from shutting down a restaurant over any other major health-code violation.

Cancel culture exists.

Remote workers are feeling more pressured than ever to work while sick instead of using sick time.  This entire system is shit.

The US is making progress on vaccinations.

Tomorrow marks the start of the nationwide wingnut walk-out.  I predict negligible impact on anything.

This forum discussion on the Virginia election is this week's political must-read.  Also, everybody was so busy throwing around the usual accusations of racism that they didn't notice the same voters elected a black lieutenant governor.  Meet the new face of white supremacy.

(But no, anyone who voted against our side must be racist or whatever.  It can't be that there's anything wrong with our policies and ideology.  As I said on Tuesday, "All fingers point outward, at the other side -- there is no introspection..... If Youngkin wins..... the wake-up call will be as loud and clear as an air-raid siren and they'll still manage to ignore it, still all lecturing and no listening."  So far, what I'm seeing posted about this election is pretty much as expected.)

Youngkin won on school issues, broadly defined.  Look, it really doesn't matter whether what's going on in the schools technically constitutes "critical race theory" or not.  If people find their kids are being taught negativity about "whiteness" and suchlike, they're going to lash out at the ballot box.  Insulting the party's voting base is probably a bad idea too.  Every time a piece of garbage like this gets posted, another 10,000 voters go Republican.  James Carville gets it.

On the New Jersey nail-biter, read the tale of Mr Smith (scroll down a bit)

Anti-vax militancy among NYC cops has fizzled out.

Fashionable attacks on "New Atheism", especially the accusations of "Islamophobia", are tiresome rubbish.

The creationists' irreducible complexity nonsense is back.

Some interesting speculation here on what happens if a Democratic win in 2024 leads some red states to secede.

Here's a map showing the legal status of homosexuality.  This shows a lot of progress compared to even a decade or two ago.

Socialized medicine makes a difference.

In Canada, as in the US, religious affiliation is at an all-time low.

British commuters stand up to bullying thugs.

The barbarity of halal and kosher animal slaughter has been banned in Greece.

Green Eagle provides a detailed refutation of the ludicrous claim that Israel is an "apartheid" country.  It's shameful that this is even needed, but we all know it is.

Understand the nature and roots of hatred of Israel.

Take a tour of INS Vikrant, India's first home-built aircraft carrier.

Democracies rally to support Taiwan against the Beijing regime's bullying.

Yahoo is the latest technology company to abandon China.

More links at Miss Cellania and Fair and Unbalanced.

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My own posts this week:  a reprise rant to my declaration of blogging independence from politics, a video on the dinosaurs' failure to avoid extinction, and enemy economics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And my Sunday morning begins. Thanks for asking the time to create this weekly gifting of links. Much appreciated.

07 November, 2021 02:35  
Anonymous Johnny Profane said...


You put a lotta skill into everything you do. Which convets your thought...


Thank you.

And thank you for your extraordinary concise writeups you always do for my links.

I learn every time. About what I wrote.

J. P.

07 November, 2021 04:36  
Blogger NickM said...

The Alexa story with the little kid made me think the utterly ludicous '70s SF horror movie "Demon Seed" seems just a bit more plausible... Welcome to Zuckerberg's Metaverse.

It might amuse you the sliding door fail is probs originally from https://www.boredpanda.com/car-sliding-door-advertisement-fails-design/ and they've got 33 more...

07 November, 2021 06:39  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I wish it went from Summer to Winter around here. It's still near 80 hear during the day. I want to feel some cold days. I over the heat.

Wow, that really was a big wave in Puerto Rico. And all those people are just standing there. Maybe they know it happens often or something but I would be getting out of there.

I like the post talking about ad blockers and aggressive websites that have so many ads you can't load the page. There are blogs that still load a bunch of ads that slow things down. I usually stay away from those blogs.

Have a good week.

07 November, 2021 08:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: Thanks for the kind words!

Johnny: Thank you. I do put a lot of work into it. And these round-ups have given me a lot of practice in summarizing or at least giving a taste of a post in a sentence or two.

NickM: I remember Demon Seed -- the B-movie version of Rosemary's Baby. The Devil only knows what all these gadgets will eventually start doing to people.

Mary K: That's amazing. It's icy cold here a lot of the time, at least in the mornings.

I suspect the cliff with the waves breaking over it was much further away than it seems in the video -- which of course means the waves were even bigger than they looked.

I don't understand why some sites choose to be a maelstrom of pop-ups. They must know it drives people away.

07 November, 2021 09:22  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I loved the doggie costumes and the smart bees and the giant waves. On the Homo Activity Map I noticed that some countries are okay with lesbianism.

07 November, 2021 15:53  
Blogger NickM said...

I spoke too soon. check this out...


Apparently it could also work with sperm which could mean clones!

08 November, 2021 08:19  
Blogger Mike said...

I liked the Jewish Budda (I now have it to use later). Even funnier, I read that last one as 'Be aware of your body. Be aware of your prescriptions'. I think my warning and the original warning are both appropriate.

08 November, 2021 10:51  
Blogger Lady M said...

Thanks for the shout out x2 Infidel - that's so nice of you. That Soveriegn Citizen movement is a new one for me.

08 November, 2021 14:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: We'll see. It sounds like that technology has a lo-o-o-ong way to go before producing concrete results. It will certainly freak out the religio-nutballs, though.

Mike: It sounds like something the Jewish Buddha would say.

Lady M: Thanks for your posts! You always add a lot of color to Halloween.

The sovereign citizen crackpots have been around for years, but they're mostly just isolated individuals and not an organization, so they don't have a very high profile. All they ever seem to do is go around annoying the hell out of cops.

09 November, 2021 00:29  
Blogger Daal said...

the Bill Maher video about smart phones especially resonated for me -- I'm among the people who've always been least susceptible to these things -- yet eventually even I got a smartphone & even I got on facebook -- & found that there truly are benefits, along with negatives.

these days call on us to be smarter & wiser than ever -- & if you're a kid, you're still starting out... but I think even kids are getting savvier. at least I hope they are

anecdotally, I recently read a post from an author who self-publishes, print on demand, on amazon -- she asked that we not throw the baby out with the bathwater, & she made a lot of sense. in the case of self-publishing authors, amazon made it possible for her to set up a decent shop & be taken seriously, unlike how self-publishing was done & regarded even just 10 years ago...

09 November, 2021 15:58  
Blogger NickM said...

Yeah... But tech doesn't always go the expected way so you never know. The people fifty years ago who thought we'd have routine supersonic flight and cities on the Moon by like 1995 didn't see the smartphone coming did they? Neither did William Gibson either. Things change in very strange ways. Do you think Harvey Milk (who has just had a USNS warship named for him) think we'd be discussing* whether sex had nothing to do with biology - by people who couldn't tell a petri dish from a pizza box? Biology, for fuck's sake!

Anyway, the twists and turns of our decidedly non-linear story is kinda what keeps me interested.

* I say "discussed" but that is my natural British reserve. Being inchoately howled about is more what I'd say if I'm holding my RoI passport.

10 November, 2021 08:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Daal: Kids are getting savvier, but unfortunately so are the social-media systems designed to manipulate them. Adults need to do a better job of gatekeeping this stuff. We don't generally let ten-year-olds drive cars or take prescription medications unsupervised, and social media need to be seen in the same light.

I know a couple of authors who have made use of Amazon's self-publishing system, and I don't deny its practical value. But I can't get past the fact that they treat their workers like shit. They need to do better, or we need to find alternatives.

NickM: Oddly enough, Star Trek more or less anticipated flip phones, though their timing was a few centuries off. Serious people should have realized that there would never be cities on the Moon because they would serve no practical purpose.

The specific details of today's gender nonsense couldn't have been predicted, but it was always a safe bet (and still is) that nonsense of various kinds will persist and even become influential for a time. As to Harvey Milk, I do wonder what figures who are despised or considered controversial today will be given comparable honors in another 43 years.

11 November, 2021 01:12  

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