11 July 2021

Link round-up for 11 July 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Not quite what the professor actually meant.

Open a trans-dimensional vortex to the dog universe.

Gender-Critical Cat has no time for nonsense.

Obviously not racist, or.....

Don't take astrology seriously.

Time for teh stoopid.

RO is back with fake names, unclaimed cash, venomous snakes, and more.

Bow down to the mighty puma suffocator.

Various religions face the challenge of squirrels.

Assess the risk of becoming addicted.

Annie Asks You ventures into money laundering.

Bill Gates isn't getting his money's worth from all those microchip vaccines.  More anti-vaxer takedowns here.

Bulgarian language pwns USSR.

It's an offer (almost) no one could refuse (NSFW).

This person has a bunch of rocks.

Dogs adapt to humans working from home.

Trolls hate being ignored -- so that's the best option.

Mark Zuckerberg presents the most embarrassing video of all time, defiling a classic song in the process (found via Hackwhackers).

AutisticAF has a new podcast (with transcript) on "autistic joy" and how social expectations and interactions derail it.  Sounds like some experiences of my own, but much more traumatic.

SickoRicko does religion and a few other odds and ends.

Ringo Starr turned 81 this week.

Spinach can detect land mines and e-mail you about them.

Horror movies depict dark occultic superstitions.

Octopus vs cat -- who wins?

Jenny Jinya of the "Loving Reaper" comics has a new book available in August.

This is the Moon over the village of Oia on Santorini island, Greece.

If you have a yard at all, might as well make it useful.

How did this Karen-calling thing get started, anyway?

Wingnut cartoonist self-pwns, creates perfect Trump cartoon.

A first-time novelist from Kerala discusses self-publishing.

Restaurant workers are quitting in droves.  Better raise those wage offers!

Fundie puritan fumes about cleavage (some amusing comments).

This Somali soldier returned to duty at age 80, but some of his ideas were a bit behind the times.

If there's an intelligent designer, science is outwitting him.

A urologist debunks several myths about humanity's most harmless recreational activity (NSFW).

Is Grindr being colonized?

Nonnie9999 does Matt Gaetz.

Religio-dingbat steps to superstar, self-pwns.

Education doesn't mean merely accumulating facts.

An apparent con man reaped millions from wealthy dumbasses for "protection" from the Apocalypse (found via Big Bad Bald Bastard).

The "Society for Children's Book Writers and Editors", whatever the hell that is, fired its "equity and inclusion officer", whatever the hell that is, for criticizing anti-Semitism.

Here are the 20 US states which have reached the 70% vaccination goal (found via Mock Paper Scissors) -- prepare to be unsurprised.

Try listening instead of insulting and threatening.

Wingnut parents in Tennessee are bitching about a book by Ruby Bridges being in the curriculum (but the kids seem to like it).

Adobe is assholing its customers, apparently, but there are alternatives to its products.

A familiar Beatles song has a little-known meaning.

Now it's the Boston Marathon too.

The FBI has known for years that police forces across the country are infested with white supremacists -- the article is from 2017, but I doubt things have changed much.

Maybe the Declaration of Independence was a mistake (found via Hackwhackers).

The problem with the gun "debate" is how many people don't know that they don't know anything.

Almost all US covid-19 deaths are now among the unvaccinated, creating a case study in natural selection.  Annie Asks You worries about teenagers, many of whom are being deprived of vaccination by their parents.

CNN sees the beginning of the end for big oil.

The male-female disparity in physical strength is much greater than many people realize.  It matters.

Darwinfish 2 addresses misleading arguments about the minimum wage.

The trouble with holy men lying to their ignorant flocks about science is that the flocks believe them.

Puerto Rican statehood has broader support than you might think.

Yes, freedom of speech is under attack in academia (oh, and being able to write standard English is a necessary skill in the US, even if you don't always choose to use it).

The recent super-heat-wave which killed over 100 people here in Oregon, and hundreds more in Washington state and Canada, was possible only due to anthropogenic global warming.  The heat wave may have killed a billion marine animals on the Canadian coast.  Denialist propaganda is now exploiting "woke" clich├ęs for its own purposes.

White evangelicals have declined from 23% of the US population in 2006 to 14% now.

Weird medical accounting practices abuse both doctors and patients, but Biden is starting to do something about it.

Refusing to date somebody is not "intolerance".  Everyone has a right to their preferences.

"The New IFB [church movement] is strongly opposed to homosexu- ality, with several pastors advocating the belief that homosexuals should be executed. Anderson and other New IFB pastors have praised the Orlando gay nightclub shooting."

The resistance is working -- little by little, service-sector employers are raising wages to get employees.

Hobby Lobby supports theocracy.  Shop elsewhere.

Antifa becomes the Brownshirts, violently attacking protesters at the Wi Spa (watch the videos).  Merely objecting to a man in a women's changing room now makes you a target for profanity and slurs.  Again, if this is what the left has become, I want nothing more to do with it.  TRAs are now claiming the original incident never happened, though several women complained and the staff were shown defending the man's presence in the women's area, not denying he was there.  The spa has a history of similar incidentsHere's a response to the "just avert your eyes" nonsense.

These slaves fought back and saved lives.

The specter of blasphemy laws rears its head in the UK.

The Saudi regime is still imposing decades-long prison sentences for peaceful dissent (found via Hackwhackers).

Don't betray our allies in Afghanistan as we did in Vietnam.

North Korea's sole apparent defense against covid-19 is to keep everybody out, even the Chinese.

Dozens of clinical trials are already under way testing the power of CRISPR to treat various serious medical conditions.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted David Byrne still not worrying about the government, and how sometimes the eyes see but the mind does not.


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Ro's post was informative. I followed the website for unclaimed cash she posted and found my mom had two claims open which I applied for as her heir. So that was interesting.

I love those rocks. I have a few interesting rocks too that I love.

11 July, 2021 11:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Maybe you should do a "cool rocks" post of your own.....

11 July, 2021 14:45  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

Instead of my usual lateness to the party, I actually started reading the links in the wee hours of the morning.

The left and right arrows are correct. The remote control just needs to be turned around. That reminds me of this story. I called a place to ask for directions. I had a general idea of where it was, but I wasn't quite certain. I called, and a man answered. I asked, "Are you east or west of University Drive?" He asked, "Which direction are you coming from?" I didn't know directions worked that way.

I couldn't kill a puma with my bare hands if it was footwear.

Damn! I got vaccinated, but I had no idea that meant Bill Gates can see me all the time. I guess I'll have to start wearing a bra again, even if I'm not going anywhere. By the way, ever notice that some of the people screaming the loudest about people losing their freedom if they get vaccinated are those who were among the first to be vaccinated?

Oooh! I love rocks! I don't remember a lot of my childhood, but one thing I remember clearly is a box of rocks (as in dumb as...) that I bought at a gift shop at a museum during a field trip. I'm pretty sure it was the Museum of Natural History in New Yawk City.I honestly don't remember the museum at all, but I can picture that box of rocks. It was a white rectangular box, and it had, I believe, 12 different kinds of rocks in it. I can picture some of the rocks right now. I had completely forgotten about that until I clicked on that link. Thanks for the memory, Infidel (and red pen draws stuff)!

When someone posts negative crap and nonsense in order to rile me on Twitter, I find the response that always stops them dead in their tracks is "Stop flirting with me." They rarely answer.

So Branson goes to space, Bezo will follow, Gates makes me wear a bra all day, and Zuckerberg stands on a piece of wood or plastic in the water while not dropping the flag? Sounds about even.

Spinach can do all that? OMG! Popeye was right!

As always, thanks so much for the link to The Raisin, Infidel. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but did you really have to phrase it Nonnie9999 does Matt Gaetz?

11 July, 2021 15:16  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

OMG. So many links, so little time. Many, many of them are informative, or funny, or sad. (Thanks for the Shout-Out.)

11 July, 2021 16:00  
Anonymous JHolm said...

There's one of the new IFB pastors across the river from you here in Vancouver WA. The LA Times did a nice piece exposing Pastor Roger Jimenez of Sacramento. Our local unit is a satellite ministry of his Verity Baptist Church. They have managed to keep a low profile even though they have been here since 2018. A lot of their most offensive videos have been scrubbed but you can still find a few here and there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUrUA8qz0Is&t=2s If you don't want to watch the whole video, fast forward to 15:50. He also was a featured speaker at the "Make America Straight Again" Conference that Bruce mentioned. I would love to see them get some local (PDX/Vancouver)"press" but I'm not sure where to start. Any ideas?

11 July, 2021 18:51  
Blogger Daal said...

wonderful list as always - & as always, am never sure whether to laugh or cry lol

11 July, 2021 20:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: Nobody actually knows where anything is any more. They depend on GPS systems. Twice in my life I've had to rely on an Uber to get home from across town, and both times, after the GPS caused the driver to get hopelessly lost, he had no clue how to get to where I live, until I convinced him to ignore the damn thing and let me give directions.

Since you live in Florida, I assume pumas are not much of an issue since the snakes and alligators would eat them.

I wish more of the people who objected to the vaccine were getting vaccinated. I assume you're talking about politicians, most of whom actually know better and are just spouting anti-vax stuff to rile up the hicks. As for Bill Gates, I guess he has to keep an eye on everybody since all the other billionaires are flying into space.

If you still have the rocks, maybe you can do a cool rocks post too.

I'll have to try the "stop flirting" thing. On the other hand, with some of my trolls, the thought is just too icky.

The commonality between the "look at me, look at MEEEE" billionaire space exhibitionism and Zuckerberg's agonizing video is the sheer oblivious vulgarity on display. It was awe-inspiring when Gagarin did it. Now it's just another dull, flashy rich kid showing off how expensive his toys are.

If Bill Gates had thought to hire the spinach to spy on everybody, he could have saved billions on vaccine microchips.

Gaack, that link was indeed poorly phrased. I'll try to be more careful.

12 July, 2021 01:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ricko: Glad if the results of my internet wanderings are providing some entertainment. Thanks for your posts.

JHolm: These fundie guys are showing that Fred Phelps wasn't as much of an outlier as everybody thinks. As for getting him more attention, I suppose one could e-mail the link to that video to some of the local papers, but I don't know whether they would judge it particularly newsworthy. When he's caught in a cheap hotel room with a male prostitute, that will be newsworthy.

Daal: It's OK to both laugh and cry. Such is the world we live in.

12 July, 2021 01:30  
Blogger RO said...

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you! You already know that I adore seeing my name in lights, but it's even better when someone actually uses something I put in a post. (lol) So yay to Mary! Those rocks are simply gorgeous, and aren't pets so intelligent? never ceases to amaze me. Always so fun to see cool stuff you find, and you are very much appreciated. Sending lots of hugs, RO

12 July, 2021 03:38  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...


I was referring to the politicians who were vaccinated early but continue to bad-mouth the vaccines to the great unwashed who listen to them. In addition, and perhaps even more importantly, I was referring to the talking heads on Faux News and the other rightwing TV outlets and bloggers to whom a lot more people listen.

12 July, 2021 12:27  
Blogger Daal said...

btw, forgot to say much appreciate your including a link to guest post on my blog here - thank you!

12 July, 2021 20:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RO: That "find money" link will be tempting to quite a few people, I suspect. Thanks for the kind words!

Nonnie: That's what I thought. Most of those turkeys are smart enough not to believe (or act on) the bullshit they're peddling to their marks.

Daal: Thanks for running the post!

13 July, 2021 01:08  
Blogger Martha said...

I FINALLY got to your blog. Great round-ups, as always. The anti-vax stuff seems to be getting worse. Some people I know have gotten caught up in ridiculous conspiracy theories. Makes my head want to blow up!

18 July, 2021 16:42  

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