24 January 2021

Link round-up for 24 January 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Beware of exploding vagina candles.

How do people stay in the house all day?

I don't think this is how a beer garden works.

It's just a normal morning commute in Mongolia.

Stay one tiger apart.

Where are you from?

Confucius did not say.....

Best octopus ever.

Worst marsupial ever.


Lady M observes a delayed Creepmas.

Learn to stop worrying what other people think of you.

Covid-19 left this patient severely brain-damaged.

Apparently there's a new translation of the Bible.

What's the story with God and abortion?

Put Trump behind you!

Smiles are weird.

Modern problems require ancient solutions.

Whose side would Captain America be on?

Fresh food is best.

Guess what was in Trump's letter to Biden.

There's a pandemic of packaging.

They're all corrupt (found via Yellowdog Granny).

In this hopeful time, be open to optimism.

The "Biosphere 2" fiasco was a lot weirder than you think.

Trump's presidency ended with a shabby little act of pettiness.

What kind of non-believer are you?

On inauguration day, New York's state capitol was besieged by a massive crowd of one Trump supporter.

Blogger Annie heard, rather than saw, the inauguration.

Republicans call for unity.

QAnon qrackpots endure the stark horror of a peaceful transition of power.  All part of the plan.  But what's next?

The media stink, but there's some good news about Alex Jones.

Prison abolition is a dangerous concept.

Trump tried to sell oil-drilling rights in Alaska, but almost no one wanted to buy.  I guess even oil companies know fossil fuels are on the way out.

Academia should be about free inquiry, not ideological conformity.

Bullies and liars back down when firmly confronted.  One must call a lie a lie.

Some interesting discussion here on Jesus and insurrection.

What is eugenics?

Too many young people embrace a frighteningly authoritarian mentality.

Wingnuts bewail the impending reversal of the "progress" achieved under Trump.

Florida's Republican regime is massively bungling covid-19 vaccinations.

Yes, sometimes a wall is a good idea.

We've known the extent of the menace of right-wing terrorism since at least 2009, but.....

Parler is back, thanks to Russia.

Wingnuts desperately try to maintain their delusions after Biden's inauguration (this is hilarious and terrifying at the same time).

This person exists (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

What does the Constitution mean by misdemeanors?

The US military is trying to root out right-wing extremists.  But Fox News is purging staffers who aren't Trumpy enough, and the Arizona Republican party is censuring members who aren't Trumpy enough.

Mobs of thugs continue to rampage through Portland smashing things up, including Democratic party headquarters.

It's hard to "find common ground" with crazy people, and it's never time to make nice with de facto fascists.

Religionists hold a massive super-spreader event in Brooklyn.

This is a step toward abolition of women's sports.

David French explains why we must defeat Trump on every front (found via Nan's Notebook).  Letting earlier Republicans get away with things is how we got to Trump in the first place.

"Wokeness" is a reversion to tribal, medieval thinking.

Some interesting points here on government spending and the deficit.

The Capitol insurrection was anti-Reconstruction repeating itself, this time as farce.

World leaders welcome Biden; foreign newspapers report.

Britain's Trump baby blimp finds its final home in the Museum of London.

The Catholic Church in Ireland is trying to weasel out of paying compensation to abuse victims.

Australia's McIver Baths are the scene of male aggression and perverse bullying.

In Israel, too, religious nuts spread disease and conspiratardiaCovid-19 is spiking in the ultra-religious population.

Young South Koreans are dropping out of their high-pressure society -- and the economy is adapting.

Biden won't coddle China.

Here's a description of Halley's comet which you won't be able to read.

CRISPR looks like a good investment.

Blue whales are making a comeback.

Even after being vaccinated, you'll still need to wear a mask for some time.

DNA provides some clues about a little-understood ancient civilization.

More links here.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted a wake-up video for Republicans, on the end of the Trump era, and on life via computer during the pandemic.


Blogger Lady M said...

Love that skull toilet - it is my kind of crapper!

24 January, 2021 07:34  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cool morning commute in Mongolia! As for the Gen Z Bible -- Cap G? Big J? HAHAHAHAHA! My fave new translation of the Bible was one where Peter is called "Rocky" to better illustrate the pun Jesus made of his name! The pro-vegan ad is good and makes a strong point. We are shielded from the realities of eating meat.

24 January, 2021 07:39  
Blogger Lady M said...

Well his Lordship's (my better half) godfather was Harry Fisher, son of Ronald Fisher. Now I never met Ronald but Harry was a lovely fellow who never preached eugenics and did genetic experiments on Dahlias. He was writing a book about infinity. So my feeling is, eugenics was not an ideology that Ronald passed down to his children. Instead, Ronald Fisher instilled a love of science and Harry was a scientist his whole life. We miss him. He was delightful.

24 January, 2021 12:08  
Blogger Richard said...

It cheered me up to see that eagle take down the drone! Remember when a different eagle scared the sh*t out of wotsisname? I think we need eagles.

24 January, 2021 19:25  
Blogger Mike said...

https://tywkiwdbi.blogspot.com/ got me looking at his other posts. Specifically the post about the missing edit icons on blogger. (pencil, wrench and screwdriver) I was reading about the workarounds when I noticed that they are BACK! No need for a workaround.

25 January, 2021 00:07  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

(PT.1) The 164 BCE Halley's Comet record ... tried my damnedest to read it ... but it's all Aramaic or Greek to me! {:-) I did get to watch that alignment of Saturn and Jupiter ... went to Rowlett (Dallas suburb) early evening, the first day, to view it through my grandson's telescope ... pretty cool. I even seen it without telescope, in the city from street view, just not as good ... I could see it for a few days before it faded.

Catholic Church in Ireland and their practice with the "babies of God they love most" ... shouldn't surprise anyone ... it's one of the largest multinational corporations in the world ... the ICC (International Catholic Corporation). And they whine about abortion?

Eugenics was a short good read ... I am pro- eugenics, been most of my life ... I'm sure folks may say I'm an evil Nazi. But simply wanting to better humanity and our offspring, especially for health reasons, to me, is just pro-human.

Prison abolition? ... I have to agree ... that's another dangerous slippery slope ... there are some very bad folks in prison too ... not just all minor dope offenders. Just like abolishing cops ... maybe not so good, eh? ... do we think that average community crime patrol/ watch groups can handle the complexity of crimes/ criminals, and florensics? ... NOT! .... Quoting Senator Warren here ... "what will happen when you take the guard out of the bank" (similar wording).

Wow! how long will we have to hear about President Biden and a Rolex watch? maybe he bought it used (I'm sorry, "pre-owned" for pop-culture folks). Maybe I should send him a cheap Timex like I wear (it has a night light too, all for under $20 bucks) ... ooops ... if I do that, I may be accused of covering up for elites, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) I have a close friend who wears a Rolex, he's latino, grew up in a North Dallas' Little Mexico and South Chicago poor, worked his ass off ... now he owns 2 nice modest homes side by side, lives in one and rents the other. You met him ... he was kind enough to get up at 5am one morning to take us to Lovefield Airport to rent a car ... his name is Ruben, if you recall. We also had to hear about Senator Warren and her expensive home, as if it was a mansion, it's a modest home Warren has, the cost is average for it's location ... geeezz, I have a daughter with a bigger home than hers, and my daughter is only middle class {:-)

Are they still protesting and busting up shit in PDX? ... I had no idea, it was still going on, as far as damaging businesses.

25 January, 2021 09:41  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

(PT.2) Super Spreader Synogogue in Brooklyn ... wow ... what a party. I lived in Brooklyn awhile as a kid, doesn't surprise me, especially the cult conducting it. Yeah, I feel we are going to have super spreader after super spreader ... American exceptionalism ... how cool, eh? This is exactly why, I think we are going to still have issues as far as COVID longer than what we may think.

Wearing masks after vaccines should be a must read ... I had folks ask me about this (I had the Pfizer) ... should I feel invincible, etc? ... absolutely not. Folks should just take a short amount of the time they waste on Twitter or wherever, and listen/ read virologists/ epidemiologists/ biologists ... for tips on daily safety and vaccines effectiveness, etc ... see what they say and their studies ... not a f'n tele commercial, politician, or celebrity. We also have a growing amount that are afraid of the vaccine, and prominent folks like Robert Kennedy, even spreading worry or caution about taking a vaccine ... I had several ask me about it, and said they are worried about taking it. YES ... I understand the concern, I myself was concerned, being that it was produced and approved very quickly, and didn't expect to even be able to get one that fast ... but I was offered it, and jumped on it while I had the opportunity. Will the vaccine harm me down the road? ... as I tell folks "I can't worry about that, it was the decision I made ... nor am I gonna sit around worrying about it ... it was my choice, it is what it is". I know of a guy, 3 months or so after COVID ... still weak, and only 40 years old. Another guy that tested positive in his late 30s ... yet claims he's not sick, but can't taste or smell still after a month.

On a postive note ... finally a clear blue sky day after a week of constant light rain aroung the clock ... high in the 50's with a nice breeze! ... I'm outta here, guy ....

25 January, 2021 09:42  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Well, it took me awhile to go through those!
As if I didn't troll the internet enough...



25 January, 2021 17:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lady M: The things people think of these days.....

Debra: I can't imagine who that translation is aimed at. It sounds like a Martian trying to be "hip" by the standards of half a century ago.

Lady M: I think "eugenics" is one of those words like "socialism" that people have been taught to recoil from without giving any thought to what it means.

Richard: Eagles clearly have standards, and do not tolerate the unworthy.

Mike: Icons schmicons -- we have words, an abundance of them. I don't know why so many site designers prefer ambiguous pictograms.

Ranch: I'd guess Aramaic, by the second century BC. Possibly Akkadian, but Akkadian was hardly used any more by then.

I sometimes think the reason the Catholic Church is so hostile to abortion is that they're afraid they'd run out of children to abuse.

I've heard that that Rolex belonged to Biden's now-dead son, and that he wears it out of sentiment. In any case, the New York Times making a fuss over a thing like that exemplifies why people don't take the media seriously.

People seem to forget that covid-19 is a new disease and we're still studying it. Science is not magic. We've learned a lot, but there are still uncertainties. It's best to be as safe as possible with something so dangerous.

Sixpence: Glad to help you lose con-troll.....

26 January, 2021 03:33  
Blogger Martha said...

Finally got here! Thanks for all the fun and interesting links.

28 January, 2021 17:13  

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