31 October 2020

Videos of the day -- for Halloween

Performed by Broken Peach from Spain.

A brief history of the holiday:

I also posted here about the origins of Halloween -- the traditions trace back to several parts of the British Isles.

Finally, one must acknowledge that some people don't approve of Halloween:

(found via Ami)


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think there's some hope for Josiah! Happy Halloween!

31 October, 2020 07:54  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The bottom video really was funny! I was thinking at first ... "WTF is this? ... a fundamoralist tranny?!*#!?" He kind of reminds me of an old friend (musician/ film maker) Joe Christ ... he was alwayz doing some zany comical shit. Dude would show up at a party in drag with a severed hand (artificial) on a necklace with hip hop styled hat sidewayz or something, and this was like back in the 80s {:-) Yep, today is fun day ... actually I'm sad that we have this 2nd COVID wave ... it's so beautiful outside, today a high of upper 60s and clear, a saturday night Halloween, full moon in clear skies, etc ... just perfect! I'm assuming the Oaklawn Halloween block party may be closed this year in Dallas, not sure if city will allow it with the COVID restrictions. Just a beautiful night for Halloween, and I've always loved it being on a weekend (I signed a petition to make it officially on saturday, once) ... if it wasn't for this COVID, I know I would be out at some gathering tonight, for sure ... just kind of f*cked, guy. My son-in-law turned 36 today ... wished him a Happy Birthday ... and that his wife (my daughter) give him a treat, not a trick.

31 October, 2020 07:55  
Blogger Mike said...

I watched Karen on Ami's post. I can't do it again.

It's funny what pops into your head when you hear things. In the second video, she mentions Bal. What popped in? Stargate!

31 October, 2020 11:23  
Blogger Ami said...

I knew SO MANY women like Karen. They usually went by 'Sister'. Sister Bertha, Sister Orpha, Sister Maude. They were all over the place and you could bet that if you did ANYTHING they thought was sending you down that long slide into hell, they'd be calling your parents.

Example... one of my friends smoked. I did not. I didn't even want to try it. But we did hang out quite often. Sister Dalinah called my parents and told them that *I* was smoking. Which I was grounded for. They believed someone else over me.

I still wonder how I escaped that mindset, where anything and anyone different was to be feared and REBUKED IN THE NAME OF JAYSUS!!!!

31 October, 2020 12:46  
Anonymous NickM said...

Happy Halloween!

The Guardian had a round up of previous celeb costumes. Lady Gaga's really amused me...


Well, why not if you your standard work clothes are like Lady G's...

31 October, 2020 13:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: At least he has something to rebel against.

Ranch: Yeah, "she" is a character played by a performer, like Betty Bowers. Though I wouldn't be surprised at a real fundie being that over-the-top.

With a weekend and a full moon for light, it would have been a perfect Halloween if not for the virus.

Mike: I never saw Stargate. I know what you mean, though. The brain always tries to make an unfamiliar word mean something.

Ami: They believed someone else over me.

Oh, I remember knowing that feeling.

Nick: If Lady Gaga just put on regular clothes, that would be enough of a costume -- nobody would recognize her.

01 November, 2020 18:34  

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