27 September 2020

Link round-up for 27 September 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Must-read of the week:  Stop spreading scare stores about Trump stealing the election.  It will just depress voter turnout, which is our real weapon.  Read this too (found via Hackwhackers).

Bug off.

I bet this sticker placement was deliberate.

Stop in for some cake at the white man café.

"The 72 virgins were not what I expected."

She's stocking up on fresh meat.

He's just going for a ride.

Which witch are you?

Cook up some Alien food.

Always do proper maintenance on your electric sign.

Find new meanings for familiar words.

Explore the poetic side of knives.

Check out a few creepy fonts.

By Hook or by Book celebrates Stephen King.

See a sample of Scott Stoll's spooky art (click pics for bigger).

This is a gymnast with a difference.

Here's how to make a car change color based on temperature.

See if you can figure out what message this person is trying to send (found via Strangely Blogged).

This Halloween, scare a Republican.

Uninvited art criticism is worse than useless.

Bluebird of Bitterness examines spam comments (I once had something similar).

Veganism is Satanic, apparently.

See a startling mountain.

A graphic I linked a couple of weeks ago had been edited to hide its real meaning -- see the original here.

Trump is awful and so is McConnell.

An actress stands up to pronoun bullying and gets a barrage of abuse.

Guns and idiots don't mix.

"A blue whale's anus....."

The New York Crank has some nursery rhymes for the time of Trump.

And it was all for nothing.

The internet is global and doesn't need American moral imperialism.

Why are atheists so diverse?

Anti-maskers don't give a shit about other people.  Luckily, their numbers are dwindling.

Ginsburg's death moves a soccer mom to join the one true religion.

Violence is tempting, but it just gives the enemy what they want.

Never forget what really happened in the Sweet Cakes case.

It can't happen here, or.....

Earth-Bound Misfit suggests a way for Trump to take revenge if we vote him out.  I don't think this is likely, but it's an "interesting" thought.

Here's a mini-round-up on all the nasty shit Facebook is doing.

Get your face masks here and support the Navajo.

This guy is basically claiming he killed Ginsburg by putting a curse on her.

A top RedState writer who regularly attacked the NIH was actually an employee there until he was exposed.

Only 2% of millennials have a "Biblical worldview".

The Trumpified US health department is spending $300 million on an ad campaign to make people feel better about the pandemic.

Landlords sue for the right to evict tenants who can't pay.  Who the hell do they think is going to rent all the apartments they empty out?

"Mitch McConnell seems very worried....."  He knows he's on the losing side of history.

A mob attacks a car and tries to drag the driver out -- then police detain the victim.

Decline of the cities:  central Minneapolis is being "terrorized" as order breaks down.

A gang of right-wing thugs plots violence against protesters and leftist politicians here in Portland (found via Crooks and Liars).  Note that there are only about a hundred of them, they were easily infiltrated and exposed by Antifa, and their last clash apparently ended in a rout.  Meanwhile, a right-wing rally here yesterday fizzled pathetically.

A "Christian ethicist" ignores mountains of evidence of Trump's corruption.

Rationalizations evolve over time.

Senator Feinstein needs to hear from a few zillion constituents to tell her to get with the program.

A meat-packing plant that infected hundreds of people with covid-19 is punished -- with a fine of $957.

Trans ideology is bringing people together with a new respect for free expression.

History shows that tax increases don't hurt the stock market, and may even boost it.

If the Supreme Court strikes down the ACA after Democrats win the election, the only plan available to replace it is that of Bernie Sanders.

A hateful Christian has his say about Ginsburg.  John Pavlovitz is getting exasperated.

Many young Americans are disgracefully ignorant about the worst crime of the twentieth century (found via Miss Cellania).

The Barrett nomination is an insult to Ginsburg's memory.  Since we can't stop the Senate vote on her, it's in our interest that it happen before the election.

A blogger explains how pregnancy made her even more pro-choice.

We can and must end minority rule in the US.

An anti-mask, covid-denialist politician in Tennessee has died of the disease.

"DeJoy moved so early and with such ham-handed aggression that the USPS is now being watched by every Democratic officeholder in the nation, an army of Democratic lawyers, a handful of cranky federal judges, and the actual employees of the USPS."

Ginsburg is gone, creating a serious threat to personal freedom in the US, but she would have wanted us to fight on.  Her work is best appreciated by those who remember the time before.

Republicans threw away everything for the sake of controlling the courts.

Even in the time of Trump, wind power is booming across the US.

There's grounds for hope about antibody therapy to fight covid-19.

Grass-fed beef is no healthier than grain-fed, is unsustainable on a large scale, and contributes to global warming.

Jupiter has a monstrous armada of moons.

There's another rover on the way to Mars, to look for fossils of ancient microbes.

Women's rights are not a political issue, at least in certain parts of the UK.

The barrage of abuse against JK Rowling recalls that directed against Salman Rushdie.  She's become an expert where it counts.

The Catholic Church in Germany is closing hundreds of churches as attendance implodes.

Bloodthirsty religion strikes again.

Cindy Erazo served six years in prison for a miscarriage.  The original sentence was thirty years.

Saudi Arabian dissidents launch an opposition party in exile.

Jai Shri Ram is the new rallying cry for religio-nationalist terrorism.

China's system of concentration camps in Xinjiang is bigger than we thought, and is being expanded.  The US House has voted almost unanimously to ban imports from the province.

In Tibet, as in Inner Mongolia, the Chinese regime is suppressing the use of the native language in education.

Here's a quick cheat sheet on the key Senate races.

If you want to do more than vote, support these organizations.

Trumpanzees block a polling place in Virginia.

The Postal Service is back.

This is somewhat reassuring.

Both parties push back against Trump's threat not to accept the election result.  Treat him like the toddler he is.

Find out what ballot measures will be voted on in your state (found via You Might Notice a Trend).

Radical progressives should vote for Biden.

No, Trump cannot steal the election via state governments ignoring the state's popular vote and appointing their own electors.  Get a grip for fuck's sake.  There will be no coup in this countryRead this too.

More links here.

[Image at top:  Mars]


Blogger Jack said...

Good point about the Trump-stealing-the-election stories depressing voter turnout. I hadn't thought about it in those terms, but I think you are right.

27 September, 2020 04:23  
Blogger MJ said...

On Trumpanzees blocking the polling place in Virginia, I await the photoshop of them being handcuffed in front of a jury panel box.
It would be easy, just find the one from when Hillary mad a brief campaign stop near a polling station (outside of the legal 100 yds or whatever the required distance was for campaigning near a polling place) and substitute these guys.
I mean, she wasn't even trying to block people from voting, just stopping by to say "Hi, vote for me"

27 September, 2020 12:23  
Blogger Mike said...

Slate - 'Trumps a lousy lawyer.' What? Don't even pretend that dipwad might have a law degree. Oh, wait! Trump University.

I fixed a joke. I forgot to strikethrough the word Russian.

'See a startling mountain.' I saw a picture of that in a meme with the tagline 'Where's your mask?'

27 September, 2020 13:50  
Anonymous Jane Toppan said...

Dear Ms. Infidel,

Thank you for your comments. It is nice to see you among the few women who stand up for rationality.

27 September, 2020 20:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jack: if the people who write that stuff aren't getting a paycheck from the RNC or Putin, they're doing it wrong.

MJ: Not sure what eventually happened, but they certainly should have bee arrested.

Mike: I never heard that he has a law degree. I don't think he's actually good at anything, he just had the luck to be born rich in a worl with a lot of people who are easily conned.

Jane: Thanks. Just an FYI, I'm not a woman, but no biggie.

28 September, 2020 00:39  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Loves the jokes! OMG i got the hiccups.
I wish I were a magical, happy, wild and free witch.
I can't believe Stephen King is 73!!!
Facehook is the seventh circle of hell.
J.K. Rowling is just a TERF, btw.


28 September, 2020 01:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's often startling to realize the ages our icons have reached.

I'm well aware of Rowling's views on trans ideology and she's absolutely right (I've included links about the issue several times in these round-ups). I have her post on it linked in the sidebar (first section) so people can read it as-is without editing or interpretation by the crazies, and see for themselves that there's nothing hateful or unreasonable there.

28 September, 2020 02:20  
Blogger MJ said...

infidel753 - I think it was the same polling place story I saw elsewhere - they were cautious enough to actually stay outside the legal limit (probably practice from interfering with abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood) but social distancing and long lines made the measured limit less reasonable. It's why the polling station had to let the waiting would-be voters inside.
Hence there was no statute to arrest them on as long as they didn't violate other laws. I fail to see why that should stop the photoshoppers, though.

28 September, 2020 14:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

61% of American millennials consider themselves Christian, according to the Christian Post Article you linked to.

George Barna made up his "biblical worldview" definition in order to declare that Catholics are not Christian. According to Barna, Pope Francis does not have a "biblical worldview," which strikes me as ridiculous.

Captain Cassidy escaped from Christianity. She can tell you from experience that "Biblical" has a very different meaning in Fundamentalism than it does in the outside world. Christians often use biblical to mean "my opinions are the right ones."

[Infidel, neither you nor I come from that fundamentalist world. We wouldn't have noticed "Biblical's" other meaning on our own.]

P.S. I like Captain Cassidy's Law:
Generally speaking, if you find that one of your opinions is shared by alt-right wingnuts and/or fundagelicals, that’s a good indication that it’s time to seriously reexamine that opinion. It doesn’t mean your opinion is wrong, necessarily, just that there’s a very good chance of it.

29 September, 2020 20:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

MJ: The photoshoppers are probably already on it. It sounds like the laws to protect polling places need tightening up, though.

Anon: The Catholic Church does have a less strictly Biblical world-view than Protestantism, due to the accretion of other influences over the centuries (part of what Luther objected to and tried to pare away). They disparage the purely Biblical interpretation of Christianity as "sola scriptura". Also, remember I have no more respect for the Bible than for the rest of their nonsense; I don't take it as a point in favor of a religion that it's more Biblical. It's all rubbish from beginning to end either way.

Also, most of the time these short descriptions I give of the links aren't intended to be detailed comments on them, just a quick pointer about what's at the link.

I form my opinions of things based on evidence and logic, not on who agrees or disagrees. I assume most alt-rightists agree that the Earth is round, but their concurrence is not a point against that opinion.

30 September, 2020 03:24  

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