02 August 2020

Link round-up for 2 August 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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"Can I ask you something about the menu, please?"

Ted should have checked his pockets.

Millions are caught up in the great mask debate.

Hot iceberg.

It's not alien DNA this time.

Some things just go together.

Wrong priorities.

It's OK to upset the unicorns.

Mask time.

Movies are better with cats.

Witches gonna witch.

See what really happens when popcorn pops.

No littering please.

Just friends?

It's leaf bowl art.

Star Trek had the right tech for the job.

Sometimes fighting against Trump is like this.

An order for a Garfield plush turns into a sandy nightmare.

You can't get rid of aliens, but.....

Old photo, lesson for today.

Do not eat this.

Visit the scenic and welcoming United States (found via Hackwhackers).

It's politics as usual in an age of madness.

He does well on the tests.

When demon sperm meets alien DNA.....

The damage done by Tumblr's NSFW ban lives on.

At last there's a café catering to anti-mask types.

John McWhorter has some more to say about freedom of expression.

Don't over-internet things.

The New York Crank looks at an outdated senator and a paranoid ambassador.

Tengrain has a cautionary reminder about the Lincoln Project.

Right-wing efforts to destroy the Postal Service go back a long way.

"Sissy men" can't go to Heaven -- that honor is reserved for manly child-molesting clerics and pussy-grabbing presidents.

The all-pervasiveness of tedious outrage these days stems partly from how people define their identity.

Poor Herman Cain -- he gave his life for stupidity.

Some landlords are monsters.

Google takes a major step toward making work-from-home permanent.

More tools are becoming available to block online tracking.

".....the last remains of Ted Yoho have been scraped off the bottom of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boot like so much dog poo by now....."

Republican senators want Trump to punish states which try to stop churches from spreading the pandemic.

See the latest godawful John McNaughton painting, then have some Sarah Cooper to feel better.

Assholes are a minority in the US, but it's still too many.

Some schools are re-opening, but it won't last.

That Colorado restaurant which defied the lockdown order is now out of business, and the religionists who ran it seem to have learned nothing.

Covid-19 is getting steadily worse in Alabama, with yet another church event infecting dozens of people.

Sorry, this is selfishly delusional.

This barrage of childish insults reeks of desperation to me.  They're losing and they know it.

"It is considered wrong, I am told, to tell someone else the right way to protest."

Gosh, covid-19 isn't intimidated by machismo.

For modern fundies, bearing false witness is a way of life.

Monopolies are inherently dangerous.

Congressional Republicans foster a dangerous anti-mask culture among their staffs.

Your life means nothing to the parasite class.

Periodic reminder:  Julian Assange is a murderous monster.

All are welcome here -- especially coronaviruses.

"Legitimate" business platforms exploit artists and sex workers, then push them out.

Misunderstandings about sexual orientation have dangerous consequences.

Listen to your doubts.

Vell, zey haff ze bick noses, you know.

Fundie life is hopeless, futile, and claustrophobic.

We have nothing to gain by fretting about Trump refusing to concede if he loses.

It's not up to men to tell lesbians how to be lesbians, or to tell women how to be women.

Trump seems to be going the Brownshirt route, with Portland as a test case.

This little girl is a victim of the politics-driven frenzy of "re-opening".

See how Georgia is trying to hide its covid-19 surge.

Trump shows signs of a possible recent stroke.

Learn about the five main types of pandemic denialists.

Don't be too obsessed with cleaning surfaces.

Deploy the power of air conditioning to defeat global warming.

It's a cool summer (found via MBRU at Crooks and Liars).

A bone protein appears capable of reversing some effects of aging.

Could a pursuing T-rex actually catch you?  Probably not.

Canada's legalization of marijuana is a success.

Europe's "end demand" laws are a failure.

Germany has stupid people too, though not as many as here.

Belarus's dictator, long a Putin toady, seems to be having a falling-out.

Bloggers get two years in prison for dancing in a religion-dominated society.

Name it or not, the problem is religion.

Even the Hajj pilgrimage has had to adapt to covid-19.

The revolting inhumanity of India's religion-based caste system extends even to funerals.

There are things the US could do to help the Uighurs (but none of this is going to happen until Trump is out of office).

Sorry, there are only two real choices for president.

Susan Collins has put out a really good ad -- for Sara Gideon.

Listen to John Lewis (found via New Witch).

If Trump loses badly in November, the Republicans will descend into infighting.

When Obama and Bernie both support abolishing the filibuster, it's time for all Democrats to follow suit.

The enemy are firm in support of their candidate.  So must we be.

Here's what leaders can do to prepare for a difficult election.

Trump's effort to bring the culture wars to the suburbs won't work -- because the suburbs have changed.

Hackwhackers suggests leveraging the debates to force Republicans to fund the Postal Service (well, other things too, but I'd focus on the Postal Service at this point).

More links here.

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Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

That leaf bowl art is amazing!

02 August, 2020 08:50  
Blogger Leanna said...

I agree. That leaf bowk art is beautiful

02 August, 2020 10:59  
Blogger Jack said...

I saw something that said the old Blogger interface will disappear by the end of August. Here's hoping it was wrong!

02 August, 2020 11:35  
Anonymous Sharp Sal the Gal said...

Saw something on twitter about the soldier carrying the donkey, so I searched. Snopes says it's miscaptioned . There's no minefield in the picture. Too bad. In Washington, we don't have to worry about the donkeys running in a minefield, it's the elephants who will go through it.

I liked the link to the cats/movies paring.

One question - can you add NSFW to your "just friends" link?

02 August, 2020 19:47  
Blogger dellgirl said...

"Things that just go together" on Strange juxtapositions is a really good one. I couldn't stop until I saw the very last one. This is another great list of links, thanks for the laughs, the insights, and other thought provoking items. I was able to pick a favorite for a change.

Wishing you all the Best . . . Stay Safe, my friend!

02 August, 2020 20:04  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Whenever someone declares "We should reopen the schools!" I like to retort "If a Trump rally is safe enough for Herman Cain, then it is safe enough for our children and teachers to return to school!"

06 August, 2020 13:07  

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