30 July 2020

Trump backs down

According to this report in our local paper, the federal paramilitary or secret police or whatever you want to call them will begin withdrawing from downtown Portland today.  This is part of a deal negotiated by Oregon governor Kate Brown with the Trump administration, under which state troopers will be deployed in their place to protect the federal courthouse whose environs have been the scene of the widely-reported violence of the last few days.

One can only hope that this deal will defuse the conflict, which has been pointlessly inflamed by the arrival of the feds.  Before they came here, the demonstrations in downtown Portland had been running out of steam and winding down.  But Trump evidently wanted to put on a show of armed force crushing the protests before they could die down by themselves, presumably to present his base with the energizing spectacle of libs being owned, with actual rubber bullets and tear gas this time.  This, of course, provoked renewed opposition here, with turnout at the formerly-moribund demonstrations rising to 5,000 on some nights.

It's not clear why Trump is now backing down, but I suspect some of his more sensible toadies convinced him that the violence -- which included the vicious beating of a Navy veteran who clearly presented no threat -- was not playing well with most of the public and would be a net negative for his re-election hopes.

I must emphasize that the scale of this conflict is far smaller than the media have apparently led most of the country to believe.  I've seen it described as an imposition of martial law, and Trump himself tweeted that "If the Federal Government and its brilliant Law Enforcement (Homeland) didn’t go into Portland one week ago, there would be no Portland -- It would be burned and beaten to the ground."  This is utterly ridiculous.  The number of federal officers/troops/whatever deployed in Portland was a little over a hundred.  The entire conflict has played out in an area of a couple of blocks near the courthouse, leaving the vast majority of the downtown unaffected, never mind the rest of the city.  It's Potemkin fascism, theatrics for the Trumpanzees, not some epic battle.

And now, hopefully, the show is canceled for good.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

It’s all for show.
Everything IMPOTUS does is out of impulse or for distraction. Everything is a cliffhanger. The only aim is to rile up the base.
Such a disgrace.


30 July, 2020 06:26  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good deal that they have at least negotiated something ... but, I'm with Wyden as far as his questioning and skepticism ... no, of course I don't trust them ...give me reason or eveidence to, and I would consider trusting it/ them. So the strict oversight is necessary. Absolutely! ...as far as Trump letting them soften up ... the GOP is being hammered with bad publicity, especially due to the COVID, and Trump's response ... even Texas Republicans are getting mad at him ... Hell, ole George W's GOP buddies are even endorsing Biden ... and they're in gridlock, trying to negotiate a stimulus (and trust me, we are in for some hard times ahead, as far as jobs, economy, evictions, food, and on and on ... until we start doing shit right).The people of PDX still have the right to protest as well, all these feds and Trumpsters say all they're worried about is the Federal Courthouse ... and that's cool, if all they want to do is protect it ... I mean like ... go sleep in the mother f*cker, but keep your hands off the people. Let them do their thing, which should be able to be done with Oregon State Troopers, just as easy ... and let the people's resistance do their thing. There are many wayz to protest, and to disrupt, what should have been disrupted across the country years ago. This also gives folks time to take a break (week or so vacation), because even protesting is hard work ... reorganize, restructure strategies, and pursue a new and improved game plan, etc. I'm looking forward to alot more protesting, but much more widespead across the nation, because we will need it ... with all that is about to come, from the economy, to jobs, injustice, and just so much, that I won't even get into here ... because they're fixin to shove the dildo up our asses even more.

30 July, 2020 10:04  
Blogger jenny_o said...

In agreement with Sixpence. Trump's only purpose for any action he takes is to place him in the limelight. He is a one-trick pony, and I apologize to all ponies everywhere for that description. I am glad to hear that Portland will be left alone now, but wonder where the federal agents will be sent to next.

30 July, 2020 10:11  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Well hopefully things quiet down soon.

30 July, 2020 10:44  
Blogger Mike said...

Same thing here in the St. Louis area with the Ferguson debacle. It was about a 3 or 4 block area. And if it was on TV I would have never known about it.

30 July, 2020 10:53  
Blogger The New York Crank said...

"And now, hopefully, the show is canceled for good."

I hope you're right, but I fear this may be a game of whack-a-mole. Last week, Portland. Next week? Chicago? Austin? New York? St. Louis? It ain't over 'till it's over, and it won't be over until Trump is out of office, and out of the White House.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

30 July, 2020 15:02  
Blogger Mike said...

Fixed - Same thing here in the St. Louis area with the Ferguson debacle. It was about a 3 or 4 block area. And if it wasn't on TV I would have never known about it.

30 July, 2020 17:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: The problem with riling them up is that it riles them up to vote. We just need to make sure more of us do so.

Ranch: True. I shudder to think what's likely to happen when the unemployment insurance supplement and eviction protections expire.

Jenny_o: There are those who maintain that Trump is a specific part of a horse, not the whole horse.

Mary: I certainly hope so.

Mike: I can believe that, though in the media it looked like the whole city was in chaos.

Crank: Trump's talking about sending the same goons to three other cities -- a couple dozen per city. It's more Potemkin fascism.

31 July, 2020 00:18  

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