24 May 2020

Link round-up for 24 May 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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"Dinner!  You came back!"

Three nuns were talking.....

Some fine Trump pwnage here (found via Hackwhackers).

Study the sacred texts, and you will believe.

Faces, faces everywhere.....

It just gets worse.

This book has a lot of pages, but you'll get through it really fast.

Dellgirl records a record of English pronunciation anomalies.

RO looks at jigsaw puzzles, Netflix, pigs, and Alaska.

Trump thwarts a dastardly liberal plot against the potatoes of Virginia.

Chlorine, chlorine, chlorine, chlorine.....

Appearances can be deceiving.

You could live in the desert, in a house made of urine (found via Miss Cellania).

See a round-up of Trump memes.

Petula Clark gets a modern update.

This is a real animal.

It's a good thing Trump doesn't do scented candles.

Theology is a fake field of unsupported assumptions about things that don't exist.

Orwell warned us about forcing people to use language that reflects an official alternate version of reality.

Any man's -- or mouse's -- death diminishes me.

Not all protests are alike.

Civil Commotion observes Bertrand Russell's birthday with some of the great man's own thoughts about religion and sexuality.

How do you feel about dating someone much younger than yourself?

Will the real Jesus please stand up.

You cannot reason with those who embrace self-deception.

This is unacceptable in a civilized country.

"Faith" leads to careless living.

"I'm not saying that.  God is saying that."

The pandemic is real -- the president is a hoax.

Pastors tell us man is wicked, and seem determined to prove it themselves.

Utah has essentially decriminalized polygamy.

This guy wants the schools to force children to talk to his imaginary friend.

Pastor Tony Spell, even under house arrest, vows to continue his efforts to spread covid-19.

Mississippi blogger Jack Vance details his escape from religion.

The House is considering an important step toward internet privacy.

This is what the IFB church movement is like.

Where decency is lacking, sometimes public outrage works.

Norma McCorvey of Roe v Wade was paid to recant.

A star of Christian rock sees the light.

A cult is a cult, unless it's our cult.

Their wealth grew this much in one week.

Moscow Mitch is packing the courts with wingnuts as a hedge against the day when Republicans can no longer win national elections.

We need to do something about Amazon.

The right-wing internet is a vast sea of delusion.

The media need to stop treating truth and lies as equally worthy of respect.

A few wingnut-owned businesses are refusing customers who do wear masks.

Nothing is more absurd than Trump calling Obama incompetent.  The idiot doesn't even know what "per capita" means.

Mastercard will let most employees work from home until they feel safe returning to the office.  More of this, please.

Read the comments on this post, and try to imagine having a rational discussion with these people.

The Bright hearing brought out Republican dumbth.

Alabama offers a foretaste of the disaster looming ahead.  By Hook or by Book has a report and rant from the state.

Bruce Gerencser reports from northwest Ohio, land of God, guns, and disease risk.

You can donate here to help the Navajo and Hopi (scroll down).

If the pandemic is a message from God, then God is stupid.

This Christian, who believed covid-19 was "a fake crisis", no longer believes thatMyths about disease are dangerous.

An outbreak at a food-processing plant squelches its re-opening, at least for now (this is just a few miles from me).

There's a new kind of "useful idiot" out there.

Re-opening now will throw away whatever progress we've made in containing the virus.  The worst spikes in infection may hardly show up in official numbers.

Here's what covid-19 did to a young, strong man.

The pandemic is accelerating the collapse of cable TV.

Florida officials seem to be trying to hide data about viral spread.  More here.

"I believe that faith strengthens your immune system.  If you really believe, you won't catch it."

Just stop talking about the Holocaust, you moron.

Trump isn't the only world leader to admire Henry Ford.

A just-opened Georgia church re-closes after an eruption of infections; another in Texas does the same.  A new report on the March Arkansas church event highlights the danger.  Evidently someone got fed up with the churches' disdain for others' health.

Racist attacks on Asian-Americans are still rising.

It's dangerous to rush approval of medical treatments.

Marijuana shows promise in alleviating covid-19.

Video calls feel exhausting because eye contact doesn't work, among other things.

A brief 1935 video of the now-extinct thylacine has been discovered.

There's more and more evidence that plant protein is healthier than animal protein.

Perhaps the Tunguska meteorite just bounced off (found via Miss Cellania).

There are hundreds of billions of solar systems in our galaxy, and most of them seem to be nothing like ours.

Canada now recognizes incel violence against women as terrorism.

The UK seeks to end the madness of relying on a hostile fascist regime for vital supplies.

This is France.

Data from Spain show that the virus hasn't yet reached most of the population.

A visit to a Brazilian ICU belies Bolsonaro's Trumpesque rhetoric.  The pandemic is now devastating Brazil, especially its remote Indian communities.

The Iranian theocracy has lost the support of most of its subjects.

Southern India's jackfruit, once a minor crop, is now a hot export item thanks to the rise of veganism.

Even in death, this religious con man helped spread the virus.

India, not the US, will likely dominate distribution of the covid-19 vaccine.

There's some evidence that the virus is evolving.

The new outbreak in northeastern China has the regime -- and people -- nervous.

Faith healing doesn't seem to work on covid-19.

The Republican election strategy is pure projection.

Trump is losing some support among Evangelicals and older voters.

Our chances of taking the Senate look better than ever.

Dozens who know Biden well say the Tara Reade accusation lacks credibility (see the links at the end of the post too).

This time, Democrats are fighting back against vote suppression.

Non-voters are dangerously out of touch with reality.

Trump's unpopularity and migration from blue states are making Arizona winnable.

Biden will likely be the most liberal president in US history.

More links here.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I have always loved flip books. So low tech, yet so delightful! I wonder if there's a museum of flip books somewhere in the world. An online museum would be perfect because it could consist entirely of videos of the books actually being flipped.

24 May, 2020 09:56  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I saw that weird animal when I was on FB last week. There are some really weird sea animals out there. I sometimes wonder what are down at the depths that are hard to get to. What's out there that we don't know about?

24 May, 2020 10:34  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

I hope you and all your readers are having a safe and healthy Memorial Day.

The opposite of formaldehyde is casualdejekyll!!! :lol:

Excellent jokes this week.

Am I the only person who never read the Harry Potter books? I never read Lord of the Rings either.

The face impaled by a toothbrush was frightening.

Loved the deceptive appearances.

A house made of urine. Does that mean there can be tepees made with real tea pee? I drink gallons of tea. I could build a village!

Great Twitler memes. I've been trying, with no success, to get #VoteRedIfYouWannaBeDead trending on Twitter. #FirstLadyKidneyTits didn't catch fire either.

The Dolly Parton and Petula Clark parodies were really good.

Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts look like what a Slinky would look like if you took a hit of acid. I never saw a weathervane with antlers before. The trees and the rice straw animal sculptures were amazing.

Time for dinner (the dog is staring a hole right through me). Back later. Thanks, as always, for the link to The Raisin (by the way, bluzdude and Buttermilk Sky stopped by, and they might have solved what's really going on in Potatogate).

24 May, 2020 17:32  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Goddes, I always go down the rabbit hole with the wingnut fuckery. Really.
And of course Moscow Mitch is stacking the courts. The Repug party is now the Cheeto party. There is no going back for them.
And thanks for the mention!


25 May, 2020 03:03  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I wanted to mention something here, real quick. I was browsing these last night, and can't recall which link it was off hand, but seen a video of folks that "intentionally" were coughing and spitting on folks in stores/ businesses, that refused to wear a mask. Intentionally doing this on anyone, especially in a public business/ venue, or on a public street, or residence, would be a form of criminal assault, as far as I know ... I was in jail with a kid about 6 years or so back (felt sorry for the kid, and was counseling him, jailhouse counsel, being he was from Chicago, and visting Plano, a north Dallas suburb), his parents had to arrange his bail from Chicago ... but he spat on an police officer's shoe when being questioned and pulled over for a traffic violation, he was charged, as well with assault on an officer, for that ... being "intentional" and contact with officers uniform. If anyone on the street, public or wherever, "intend" to harm someone, and especially if those who work in those businesses feel any form of threat, that is technically not a "violation/ citation" (where they write a citation) but a criminal violation, especially in a pandemic situation, like we have. Just wanted to mention that ... there is more deeper in this law, as well, but too much to get into here.

25 May, 2020 06:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: Good idea. Arguably a flip book is a video -- a very low-tech one.

Mary K: What we do know about is bad enough.

Nonnie: I think you may indeed be the only person who's never read Harry Potter. It sure seems ubiquitous.

I guess the urine-concrete thing only works on the Moon? At least I've never heard of it being used here.

Those hashtags may be too long to work. The ones that succeed usually seem to be short and simple.

I love these song parodies. They're among the few good things to come out of this mess.

Sixpence: It's one hell of a rabbit hole with these guys.

Ranch: Yes, at least in tort law spitting on somebody would qualify as assault and battery. Don't know about criminal law. We really need to clamp down on this kind of behavior by these wingnut spoiled brats.

Anybody who spits on a cop is asking for trouble.

25 May, 2020 16:58  
Blogger dellgirl said...

This is another great list of links, some are funny, others just plain mind-blowing. And as always, I enjoyed reading here. Thank you for sharing these with us. I also want to thank you for including me on the list . . . again. That makes me feel like I won the Lottery!

Wishing you well, my friend! Stay Safe!!

PS: One of these days I might be able to pick a favorite one.

25 May, 2020 19:05  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

If I was representing a victim who was spat on intentionally during a pandemic, I would have to challenge that, as far as criminal law, and I'm sure there is something to secure this on the books. During a pandemic, people are in fear, in this case, COVID. When someone spits on you or coughs in your face with the "intention" of harming you, or even hoping you die, that is assault, maybe not aggravated, but still assault. In any small domestic cases, or on the street ... if you even verbally threaten someone, raise your hand to them acting like you will hit them, and they feel fear of being harmed, it is criminal, and charged as such, and this is all over the country.

26 May, 2020 05:41  
Anonymous NickM said...

Another sin of Ford's is what he did to the Wright Bros house and shop. He bought it and moved it brick by brick to his estate in Illinois.

26 May, 2020 06:31  
Blogger Martha said...

How sad that people have to come close to losing (and sometimes losing) someone they love to take this pandemic seriously. You never know how it will affect you. Why chance it? And how do you in good conscious put others at risk with reckless behaviour. I can't wrap my head around it.

28 May, 2020 07:07  

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