12 March 2020

Video of the day -- know the enemy

They know exactly what they want, and whom they support, and who their enemies are.  We need to be equally clear, determined, and single-minded about winning this.

(I'm not singling out Catholicism specifically.  Fundies and hard-line Catholics like Voris have pretty much the same mentality -- but the latter tend to be a lot more articulate about it.)


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ohh they are scared their access to the White House is gonna be cut. Fundies are a very nervous, scared, fear-mongering group. IMPOTUS has given them access to the law (for a price) and they are frantic with fear or losing it, hence their informercial against Uncle Joe.
They should worry more about keeping people in the pews, but no. Fear-mongering it is.
Voris gives me closet case vibes, BTW


12 March, 2020 03:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

If I recall correctly, Voris has admitted to occasional homosexual feelings that he "struggles against". He may be naturally bisexual, but unable to live normally as such due to his religion. We all know that often the most intolerant ones are the ones trying to repress something within themselves.

12 March, 2020 16:43  
Blogger Mike said...

I753 - "struggles against" Just like all the adulterers that get caught with prostitutes.

I have a hard time listening to brainwashed idiots like Voris. I just want to grab them through the screen and choke the shit out of them while screaming, "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!"

12 March, 2020 17:36  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Ah, those Catholics like a plain speaking man like Trump? He’s a plain-speaking liar, cheat, and fraud. I don’t remember their Savior saying “Blessed are the serial adulterers,” or “Blessed are the people who cheat men and women out of money for fake universities and foundations.” That guy may call himself a “Catholic” but he’s really an irredeemable asshole.

13 March, 2020 14:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: I find it weirdly fascinating, like observing some twisted alien species -- as well as a confirmation of how dangerous the ultra-religious are. I can understand that it strikes others the way you describe, though.

Shaw: Nothing has so clearly and bleakly revealed and confirmed the hypocrisy of the ultra-religious as their embrace of Trump. They will never again be able to claim the moral high ground on anything.

13 March, 2020 16:50  

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