03 March 2020

Super Tuesday reminder

Today's voting may well shape the rest of the race for the Democratic nomination.  It may give some one candidate a crushing advantage, effectively naming the nominee here and now.  It may produce a clear front-runner whose lead is nevertheless small enough to be beatable in the following contests.  Or it may yield an inconclusive jumble of results.  Nobody really knows.  The withdrawal of Buttigieg and Klobuchar has changed the game; recent polling is no longer very informative since so many voters will be deciding at the last minute which candidate should now receive their support.

But one thing we do know.  Whatever the result, Republican/Russian trolls will be out in force, trying to stir up division and conflict among us.  They'll be on social media, in the comment sections of news sites, perhaps even insinuating themselves onto our humble blogs.  They'll be posing as allies, posing as us.  Their goal will be to convince you that your preferred candidate was cheated, treated unfairly, that that group of Democrats or liberals or progressives over there is the enemy (distracting you from the real enemy, Trump/McConnell/Putin and their allies and toadies), that the eventual nominee is not worthy of your support in November because of blah blah and blah blah.  There will be a variety of rhetorical tricks, and sometimes even some truth mixed in with the rabble-rousing, but the goal of all of it will be the same -- get Trump re-elected.

In a few cases the same kind of rhetoric will be spouted by people who really are Democrats, not Republicans or Russians.  It doesn't matter.  They will be serving the Republican/Russian cause in practical effect, whatever their intentions.  In November, either our nominee will win or Trump will win.  Those are the only two possibilities.  The conscious motives behind individuals' behavior do not matter.  All that matters is which one of those two possibilities their actions and words make more likely.

Get Trump out in November.  Get as many Democrats as possible elected to every office -- state or federal.  That is what is important.  Whatever happens at the ballot box today, and whatever divisiveness the trolls try to waylay you with, remember that.


Blogger Mary said...

All the trolls and other comments mean nothing to me. It’s just noise. I know I’m voting for whomever is the Democratic nominee.
My concern is that the apparent effort to oust Bernie, will not bode well for his base.

And therein lies the problem, as some of those people simply will not vote and this will hand it to trump. It’s a thin line to overcome a
Trump anyway, even with a large turnout, but this and the apathy of the younger generations could seal our fate. It will not be good.

All of us know trump will further damage and destroy our country. We must vote and vote blue and yes in state and local elections too. Sometimes they are even more important. We must take the senate and hold the house or we are doomed.

03 March, 2020 05:40  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Dallas aea got lucky, the weather forecast changed, and today is just cloudy with very little spotty rain, the heavy stuff will move in maybe about 8pm tonight, after voting. This morning before 7am, there were already lines of folks all over north Dallas, and on this, you don't need to go to your polling area, you can vote in Dallas County anywhere with a machine. The machines are all new here this year ... now, you of course, touch screen your choices for offices, after you do a screen check, you confirm, then you touch "confirmed" (that it got it right), then after you touch "print", it prints out a card, the card shows all that you confirmed, and has your voter ID#, precinct, etc. You take that card to the exit, and feed that into another machine, it confirms it there. They have tightened on checking IDs/ address on card, etc ... just looking closer is all. Nashville is also a Super Tuesday town, with a metro area of nearly 2 million, bad news, they were hit last night with tornadoes, several deaths, 40 buildings collapsing, it will have an impact on voting. Last night Joe Biden was at some venue off downtown Dallas, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and O'Rourke, all showed up to endorse Biden ... no talk of Bloomberg, but they were all over Sanders, of course, with the scare tactics, and not being able to get anything done, so it was more like an anti- Bernie rally instead. Speaking of Russians in the details ... the last Dem debate in South Carolina, Bloomberg told the audience, that the Russians were behind and supporting Bernie's run/ election, but no one asked for proof(?).

The DPS (drivers license places) have gotten stricter though, and it's more pain than voting actually ... they want passports, birth certificates, voting cards, etc ... to even renew your license. I done it last time online, but after the next 7 years, they made me come back in this year, to do it in person, and to retake the eye exam (I passed all). I asked why having to prove who I am and stuff ... they said new rules. In fact, the new license and IDs in Texas has a marking embedded, that if you don't have it, you can't use an airport, bus, train, rent a car or whatever for travel, they tell me ... ain't that something? ... almost sounds like authoritarian rules ... of course, it's all about terrorists and illegal aliens, etc. This year (luckily the weather was good), I had to wait 5.5 hours in lines to renew my drivers license, worst than the 1.5 or 2 hour wait in voting lines ...but I stood and waited, it was so crowded just to renew my license at the Carrollton DPS office, got in line at 10am, it went over a block long.

03 March, 2020 06:17  
Blogger Lady M said...

Already voted! Colorado makes it easy with mail in ballots. Of course, I will vote democrat now and in November. I have not missed an election since I was 18 and have not voted for a Republican once. I vote for to support natural world and the GOP has long since abandoned that cause.

03 March, 2020 06:45  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm excited to see what happens!

03 March, 2020 06:45  
Blogger Mike said...

I'll probably have even fewer candidates to pick from next Tuesday.

03 March, 2020 14:18  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

First of all, thanks for the link to The Raisin on Sunday. I think I might change my name to Nonnie-come-lately.

The trolls are out full force on Twitter and especially Facebook. I feel like I'm playing a video game and I am constantly have to zap the bad guys who keep showing up on the screen. For the most part, I ignore them and just point out that they are lying or their shady tweeting or Facebooking (?) history so that others know not to give any weight to what they say.

This has been the most exciting Super Tuesday that I can remember. The only Sanders having a good night is named Symone. Did you see that tackle she made of that protester? She and Jill Biden should be recruited by an NFL team.

My sister asked me if I wanted to vote early, and I told her that I wanted to wait, because I had a feeling a lot would change. Boy, did they. I expect for more to change, because I think Bloomberg will be out tomorrow or soon after. Early voting is great in the general election when it's a choice, more or less, between two candidates. In a primary with so many candidates, it's a whole other story. According to the reporting, a lot of people who voted early for Pete or Amy wanted to change their ballots and couldn't. This is why we need to be able to rank candidates instead of just voting for one. If I early vote for Sam, and Sam drops out of the race, then my vote is worthless. However, if I ranked Sam as my first choice, Ethel for my second, etc., then my vote for Sam should be discarded, and my vote should be counted for Ethel. If both Sam and Ethel drop out, my third ranked candidate should get my vote. Oh well, nobody asks me to rewrite voting rules.

Now I am going to click on some Sunday links.

03 March, 2020 22:46  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I am here kinda of waiting to see how it goes.
Uncle Joe apparently did well even in places where he did not campaign much.
Bernie is supposed to take Cali.

Berniebros are rabid. Apparently there was high turnout, but as one of the posters points out, the Berniebros can fuck everything up.


04 March, 2020 03:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: It's always a problem. I think whoever ends up being the nominee, there will be some people who won't vote for them because it wasn't their own favored candidate. We'll just need to boost turnout among the more aware people enough to offset that.

Ranch: Glad to hear conditions improved in Dallas. I heard about the Nashville tornadoes. I guess it's a hazard of that part of the country. At least where I live, once you get indoors the weather can't affect you much.

There is actually some evidence that the Russians are trying to pull tricks in favor of Sanders's campaign because they believe he'd be the easiest Democrat for Trump to beat. It doesn't seem to be having much effect, though.

The stricter ID rules are apparently a national thing. I need to renew my driver's license this year and it sound like it's going to be a real PITA.

Lady M: Vote-by-mail does make things easier -- Oregon has it too.

Debra: I hope the results were duly exciting.....

Mike: They're dropping like flies, it's true.

Nonnie: I hope people are wise to the trolls by now. I did want to do my part to warn people.

I heard there were some problems with protesters, but I didn't see any video. Maybe I'll look for that one.

You were certainly right about things changing, and yes, I expect Bloomers will be gone soon, unless he enjoys wasting money.

Sixpence: The Bernie Bros have always been a worry. One hopes we can get at least some of them to support the eventual nominee even if it's not their guy. For those who just won't, well, all we can do is try to offset them via increased GOTV.

04 March, 2020 04:28  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Yep, we need to get out and vote.

04 March, 2020 09:20  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

There are always going to be some Bernie Bros who will sit at home like spoiled children, because the candidate didn't get the nomination. I think they will be offset by a lot of new voters who came out and who voted for Biden as well as by independents and even some moderate Rethuglicans who don't like Twitler. Those Rethugs don't like Twitler, but they would not go so far as to vote for Bernie, but they will vote for Joe. Hell, even the very concerned/troubled/flummoxed/disappointed Susan Collins wouldn't say if she voted for Twitler.

04 March, 2020 12:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) I agree with getting as many real d's in office as possible. this would require canning people like cuellar and lipinski just to mention two of the egracious examples. two of Pelosi's ( she campaigned for cuellar and was scheduled to do so for lipinski until she was called on it) and joes favorites.
2) Unfortunately with thuglican lites and surrender monkeys heading the party apparatus and ( if biden the ex senator from mastercard wins nomination) and the top of the ticket it my not even be possible.
3) It was never the bernie bros who were at risk of deserting a d candidate it is the so called" moderates" who have a proven record of stabbing D candidates in the back. From at least the wholesale desertation of the party from the McGovern campaign through rahms dccc using party money in primary's to boost thuglican who changed party registration (not ideas, principles, goals, or agenda's) to cripple any progressives it has always been the so called moderates who just can't seem to wait to become turncoats.
4) Gee a delusional old man who, contrary to facts, experience and history, thinks that it is only demented donnie who is the problem not moscow mitch who filibustered the judicial system into a branch of the rnc, or lindsay who still wants investigation of hillary or other odious examples of the deplorables behaving badly since tricky dick left office, will attempt to reignite the dedication of the grassroots that won the 2018 race. Now he can try with his promises to sell them out first chance he gets.
5) old saying that the difference between a reactionary and a moderate is how fast they drive us all over the cliff. The reactionary does it at 80 MPH the moderate does it at 40 MPH but in either case we are going over the cliff.
That is our choice on climate, income disparity, bigotry, choice, and all the rest issues that threaten humanity. Whether we go over the cliff at *0 or 40.
Not much of a choice.

04 March, 2020 13:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: I'll be posting plenty of reminders as the day approaches.

Nonnie: It sure looks that way. I'm seeing reports that there was no particular increase in the normal low turnout of younger voters (which Sanders was counting on), and that the high turnout mostly helped Biden.

04 March, 2020 15:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm leaving the Anon comment up (for now) as an illustration of the kind of thing this post is meant to alert people to watch for.

04 March, 2020 15:52  

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