29 March 2020

Link round-up for 29 March 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Quarantine isn't much fun after all.  Even with cats.  But people find their own ways of coping.

This damn virus is making us cancel everything.

If you can't get a mask, improvise.

There's one advantage to social distancing.


"But China got it....."

View medieval art through modern eyes.

March 23 was National Puppy Day.

Springtime is rabbit time.

They picked the wrong train.

Check out these murals in DC (click to enlarge).

You can't have a house on Mars, but you can have one that looks like it came from there (found via Mendip).

This guy is not merely imitating Trump, but channeling him (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Amanda the Jedi recommends some movies to while away the hours in quarantine.

PotionSmith has eggs for our coronavirus Easter.

Hoarders are scalping thermometers, and Trump has always been an asshole.

We should have panicked earlier.

Don't call it salvation.

Yoshi went home.

This took two and one-third seconds.

Can you explain the Trump cult?

Here's what's in the relief bill the Senate passed.  And here's why Democrats opposed the original version.

Republicans were never the party of life.

Amazon still stinks.  And don't count on it to remain functional.

The time has come for basic income.

Trump's wall is an attack on the Texas borderlands.

Reality is still reality even if you refuse to believe in it.

Religion blocks you from seeing the good in people.

An Arizona man recently died after swallowing what was widely but erroneously reported to be chloroquine, one of the drugs now being tested as a possible covid-19 treatment.  It was actually chloroquine phosphate, a fish-tank-cleaning product which has the same active ingredient -- this is rather like swallowing hand sanitizer to get drunk because hand sanitizer and beer both contain alcohol.  It's important to get one's facts right.

Christianity requires Hell.

Throw the book at this piece of shit.

Thank Heaven Trump is president.

Here are some cleaning tips, including safety issues.

We're now seeing just how dangerous the religious denial of science is.

Don't yield to the right-wingers who are trying to exploit covid-19 to take away abortion rights.

Make them go first.

New York's hospital system is already being overwhelmed (found via Big Bad Bald Bastard).

Can your boss require you to come to work during the pandemic?

Darwinfish 2 settles down into life under quarantine.

For toilet-paper manufacturers, it's a weird time.

The FBI has thwarted a right-wing terrorist attack on a Missouri hospital.

Americans are mobilizing, except the stupid ones, who still think covid-19 isn't a major threat.

Texas is known for its rebel streak, but this is the wrong time for it.

Vagabond Scholar has a comprehensive overview of how Trump has bungled the covid-19 response.

The pandemic is sharpening class differences.

America is number one!  And Trump keeps bragging.

Some people think the rules don't apply to them.  An Arkansas church held a group event that infected 34 people.  Another in Illinois held a revival meeting which has sickened 43.  Five spring-breakers tested positive for the virus after ignoring social-distancing rules.  And more have been infected at a party -- at a Trump property.  Then there's this.

What will the end of the pandemic look like?

Die for the 1%.

We need to rely on science.  Not on talking to things that aren't there.

White nationalists scheme to use covid-19 as a tool of terrorism.

Paris's hospitals are strained to the breaking point.

No, Russia does not have the disease under control.

The Middle East is in bad shape to handle the pandemic.

India has gone on 21-day lockdown, but it may be too late.  Suddenly-jobless migrant workers are going back to their home villages, bringing the virus with them.  And harassment of medical workers isn't going to help.

A Sikh religious guru returned to India from Italy and immediately went on a preaching tour of 15 villages before dying of covid-19.  Now all those villages are under quarantine.

Taiwan's younger generation feels patriotic, fervent about democracy, and not particularly Chinese.

Widows in Nigeria are subject to degrading rituals.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, social distancing will be very difficult.  And this is going to be a problem.

Trump has failed us (found via Hackwhackers).

Spread this ad far and wide (found via Mock Paper Scissors). Trump really hates it.

This is not going to help Trump carry Michigan.

In November, remember what you're voting for (found via Octoberfarm).

[1,165 days down, 297 to go until the inauguration of a real President.]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

That train robbery cartoon was inspired! And that guy channeling Trump is brilliant -- I love his line about Jesus Christowitz! Great line-up today and thanks for the shout-outs!

29 March, 2020 07:01  
Blogger Our Eyes Open said...

Amen to you very last statement!!!

29 March, 2020 07:27  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I hope you are staying safe and healthy. Maybe we should have panicked earlier. Not sure if it would have done much to help though. I wonder how long this lockdown will stay in effect. Keep washing your hands.

29 March, 2020 09:41  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Pretty good stuff here ... but what caught my atencion, I guess, was the Professor Taboo piece about Texas pride or whatever it's called. I didn't realize that Dallas was about as strictest in the state (the entire state should be in my view), haven't kept up with it much, I just follow the guidelines. I was not surprised at musician "Reverend Horton Heat", I known Jimmy Heath (aka Rev Heat) from years back, when we were both young, we hung out alot before he got famous, even jammed together, I know how Jimmy thinx, at least then, and his attitude don't seem to have changed much, from the news report. I don't think it's common though amongst all rock musicians, and I know several that have that libertarian type attitude ... or exclusive to generational Texans that have that old school Lone Star spirit. Most of this self quarantine stuff is just common sense ... some of these same folks that think that this coronavirus is no biggie, especially in Texas ... are some of the same folks, just a few decades back, that feared AIDS/ HIV so much, thinking it was a "gay disease", they were scared to even walk through the gay community, out of fear they would get AIDS, even if they didn't have physical contact with any, they wouldn't even go in a store that had a majority of gays. This state, or religious, or whatever kind of pride thing, won't cut it ... this is why I'm for a nationwide standard, and not each state making their rules ... this is too serious of an issue, and if we don't do it right, we will have to do it all over again. I wasn't born in Texas, but been here most of my life, and am as Texan as anyone else who been here for life. Another problem, is we are thinking about the economy more than our lives, just kind of messed up in my view. I have talked to at least 20+ people locally about this, several called me, even a few musicians I know, because they figured I keep up with this stuff, and asked what I think about this and how serious it may be? ... I told them "it's very serious, since we have no handle on it, and barely any knowledge of it, and it's spreading so fast ... follow what the medical professionals are saying".

29 March, 2020 10:44  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Thanks again, Infidel--and hope you are keeping safe and healthy.

--These flying saucer homes make me wonder if I should by a home that looks like the Jupiter 2 from the original LOST IN SPACE (before I was born, but I did watch a few eps in re-reruns and I really like the NetFlix reboot).

--The religious denial of this crisis--at least at the top in the WH--would not have happened in a Hillary Clinton administration, nor did it happen in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Why? Because even though these leaders (and Hillary) were people who stated that they were religious, they never denied science. And Obama was definitely a pro-science President, even leaving in place things that could be used to deal with a future pandemic...that Trump got rid of. Because Trump, who is nowhere near a religious person, has himself surrounded by religious fanatics and he's basically using them.

Oh, and both Clintons and Obama were Democrats.

--Reading about the thwarting of the terrorist attack...oh, damn. Talk about gilding the lily--we're going through a pandemic and we have to now worry about this?

--I fear for Texas, and I have a niece who is basically the daughter I never had living there. She's all right, but sadly, any real measures are going to be taken by Democratic mayors of towns and cities. I also fear to see what will befall Florida, since DeSantos is an idiot of the highest order and is only taking piecemeal action now, if at all. And I have four siblings and many relatives and friends living in Florida.

--I hope that after this crisis has passed that the House will launch an investigation into what really went wrong--and I would bet that Trump and company will be the first and last stop into who bears responsibility. They all need to go to prison.

Oh, and apologies for not posting new art in a while. Being in social isolation means that I am back to working on more art, but I've been posting more on Instagram. I will be putting new things up on DA soon.

29 March, 2020 12:24  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

I'm stealing that intro cartoon.

29 March, 2020 14:46  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

I hope you and all your readers are safe and well.

I dearly needed some laughs, and the poker game and the coffee filter pics made me laugh for the first time in days. I might use up all my toilet paper on tears, because I'm running out of tissues.

Every day is Puppy Day in my house. It occurred to me this evening, that I wonder if dogs and cats think that it's Take Your Human to Work Month, because people are invading where the furry ones work 24/7.

I agree with the bunny—screw you, IHOP! Overpriced and crappy food.

Those murals are amazing!

I will be back tomorrow for more linky goodness. Thanks so much for the link over to The Raisin.

29 March, 2020 21:55  
Blogger Hot guys said...

I think things should've been more aggressive from the very start of this mess. And this would end much, much sooner. Now, we can wait not just for weeks but for months for things to get back to normal again. Like I said, mess.

30 March, 2020 09:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I liked those items. Thanks for the posts!

Eyes: We still need to help make it a reality, on election day.

Mary: Well, if we'd panicked early enough to vote differently.....

Ranch: A national standard would be a good idea. Unfortunately the guy in charge of things national is a malignant fool. So the states need to step up.

The fear of HIV was understandable, but in fact it's one of the most-difficult-to-transmit pathogens ever encountered, whereas the covid-19 virus is among the easiest to transmit. So the latter is far more dangerous even though HIV had a much higher fatality rate among those who did catch it.

Marc: I'm trying -- not going out at all except for grocery shopping.

I think Trump's getting rid of the pandemic response unit was more about his hatred of Obama than anything else. I agree that he's obviously not very religious himself, but the fundies are his base, and without them he'd still be just another sleazy huckster of no particular importance.

The right-wing mind these days is a fever swamp of conspiracy rubbish. There will probably be more attacks on various places due to random bullshit some hick picked up from this or that crank website.

I'll look forward to seeing more art!

Comrade: Spread it around. It's the truth.

Nonnie: I always concentrate the less serious stuff at the top of the link round-ups. We need it more than ever now.

Tissues are running short around here too. It's weird.

Cats and dogs work?

Hot: It would have been less of a mess if we had, anyway.

30 March, 2020 16:20  
Blogger Batocchio said...

Thanks for the link. Fine company. Best wishes and stay safe!

01 April, 2020 00:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the post! Stay safe.

01 April, 2020 01:35  
Blogger Martha said...

"The stupid, it kills." Yes, it certainly does. Unfortunately, these idiots spread it around to so many others.

And oh my gosh, that first image...!!!

02 April, 2020 06:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's too bad we'll never have a vaccine for stupidity.

It's a sledgehammer cartoon, but well merited.

02 April, 2020 06:40  

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