22 March 2020

Link round-up for 22 March 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Just keep washing your hands.

Even amid the pandemic, we need to be able to laugh.

There's a new use for Ikea bags.

This cow is tired.

Debra She Who Seeks surveys the toilet paper crisis.  And this Mexican product should become popular in the US.

Things are easier for us introverts.

Lady M sculpts plants with a difference.

Don't touch, please.  And no more shaking hands.

Celebrate the Irish heritage.

Blogger Arkenaten presents Covid-19 -- the album.

In the long run maybe some good will come of this.

Keep the birds away.

They're messing with Oprah now -- big mistake.

It's socialism!

Marco Rubio, king of typos.

I couldn't help snickering at the headline "Catholics in the United States have no Mass". So why don't they just drift away into space?

Behold the crab.

Who wore it better?

That's big.

Covid-19 is about to come to an end, or maybe it never existed at all.

From a lot of places in my city, you can see this (click to enlarge).

Murrmurrs confronts the plague with equanimity.

It's all just bumps and grooves.

Censored writings are available to read at The Forbidden Library -- and you'll never guess where it's located.

Dogs don't belong everywhere.

It's a world of empty spaces (and irresponsible elephants).

Only some people die.

This is what it feels like to be an American.

Do it for them.

Are you a ragweed or a magnolia?

Part of the appeal of quackery is that it offers a certainty that can't really exist.

Here's why slowing down the virus matters, and why washing with soap is so effective.

No, self-driving trucks (and cars) won't be practical anytime soon.

Vultures hover around pandemic-stricken humanity.

Mary Edwards Walker was the only woman ever awarded the Medal of Honor.

This is the nightmare fate of a grocery-store worker in the time of covid-19.

The IFB church movement is too extremist to reform.

Of course they did.

How can we pay for the huge cost of helping victims of the pandemic?

At last, it is truly the Trump economy.

The best way to fight covid-19 is by walking around in funny clothes while carrying a cracker.

People who use threats and intimidation are showing they can't win the argument.

Trump is still bullshitting.  And Republicans generally are carrying bullshit to new heights.

A judge of the Supreme Court Bar calls out John Roberts (found via Bruce Gerencser).

Religio-nutters are vectors of the plague.

Militant racism is still on the march, and growing.

The airlines don't deserve a bailout.

The coming job losses will be beyond what we've ever seen before.

In some ways, things will never go back to "normal".

Republicans must be held accountable, and the media aren't going to do it.

Go ahead and die, it's "healing" the country.

The banks will be fine.

Green Eagle reviews the wingnutosphere so you don't have to.

The US healthcare system suffers from a disastrous shortage of basic supplies.

Burr and Loeffler face calls to resign over their stock sales -- including from Tucker Carlson.  Crooks and Liars argues that what Feinstein and Imhofe did isn't in the same category.

A new religious movement wants to kill people for having abortions.

We can't allow mobs of thugs to determine what can be said or what's allowed in libraries.

Can computers achieve consciousness?  It may depend on giving them sensory input.

No, the virus was not made in a lab (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

25,000 years ago, somebody built a huge building out of the bones of 60 mammoths.  Nobody knows why.

Total global confirmed covid-19 cases have passed the 300,000 mark.

Italy's death toll has surpassed 4,000.

There are escalating calls for violence against feminists in France and Spain.

There hasn't been much news of covid-19 in India -- but there will be.

Compare the US response to the plague with South Korea's.

Li Wenliang, the hero doctor who defied the regime to try to warn the public about the new disease, deserves to be remembered.

What did they expect, eating these disgusting things?

No, authoritarian regimes do not deal with epidemics better than democracies -- in fact, it was Trump's authoritarian tendencies that led to the bungling of the early US response.

Covid-19 hasn't reined in the Beijing regime's bullying of Taiwan.

Voting is like riding the bus.

Never let people forget what Trump said.

The primaries technically aren't over, but it's time to unite.

Crazy Eddie looks at Gabbard's withdrawal from the race.

No, Trump cannot delay the election, and even if he could, it would just mean Pelosi would become president.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha, that first cartoon! In fact, I enjoyed ALL the funny coronavirus memes -- we must keep a sense of humour during all this! And Marco Rubio's two typos, LOL.

22 March, 2020 07:22  
Blogger Lady M said...

Wow - my blog got a spike in my hits that looks amazingly like a Coronavirus graph. That is due to you my friend. Thanks for including my humble blog. I hope it gave someone joy in this otherwise bleak climate. I got a kick out of the meme with the shining family in the car. Social isolation - what could go wrong?

22 March, 2020 09:38  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Being able to laugh right now is good with things being so crazy everywhere.

22 March, 2020 10:32  
Blogger Unknown said...

I very nearly spewed coffee out my nose at "Why don't they just drift out to space?"

22 March, 2020 10:37  
Anonymous Sheila Morris said...

Thanks so much for giving a shout-out to my blog on the only female ever to win the Medal of Honor. It's a part of my Women's History Month celebration.
It's fun to celebrate something today.

22 March, 2020 15:28  
Blogger Mike said...

Eating pangolins sounds like a lot of fun, right? NOT! It's amazing what people will eat when they have limited resources.

22 March, 2020 16:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: We'll always be able to laugh at hoarders (and Rubio).

Lady M: Thanks for the post. Yes, we can't spend all our time worrying. People need other things for diversion.

Mary: Yes, humor has always been a relief even in the grimmest times.

Unknown: I wish they would! Well, some of them.

Sheila: Thanks for the post! Walker deserves to be remembered.

Mike: I'm not sure I'd let them off with "limited resources". China is certainly poor by our standards, but it's well past the point of people not having enough to eat.

22 March, 2020 17:29  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Haha. thanks for the fantastic links!
Oh well, now I know why is it that I have three of those Ikea bags.
And Tulsi took her sweet time to drop, huh?
I'm afraid Cheeto is going to declare martial law and crown himself emperor. That stupid orange twat.
The toilet paper hoarding escapes me. Escapes me completely.


23 March, 2020 02:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

They should make a bigger Ikea bag for stopping would-be dictators -- Tr├╝mpkontain.

23 March, 2020 16:45  
Blogger Martha said...

HAHA! I really enjoyed all the memes and cartoons. We need to laugh during this period to keep us sane :)

25 March, 2020 13:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

For sure. At least this terrible time is inspiring some people's creativity.

25 March, 2020 16:30  

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