01 March 2020

Link round-up for 1 March 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Jenny_o has puzzles and animal puns.

It's a shoe -- really, it is.

Natalia Taylor took a fake vacation to expose her fans' gullibility.

Time for some pigs.

Debra She Who Seeks looks at leap day.

This is not the future of fashion.  And neither is this.

Before you pop that bubble wrap.....

A reverse Medusa is creepy in its own way.

Have a dollhouse ouija board.

Crazy Eddie has a round-up of video responses to the coronavirus (don't miss the Pence PSA at the end).

Matthew 19:21.

Trumpanzees abuse pigeons to make some sort of point.

Why stick with Christianity when they've thrown out all the good parts?

If only there were some way for this mother to protect her child.

Make a godawful racket unto the Lord.

Cartoonists look at the coronavirus.

Win or lose, Buttigieg's candidacy has had a great psychological impact.

Evangelicals offer lousy advice on marriage.

The "Kecksburg UFO" illustrates the wild distortions at the heart of most flying-saucer tales.

Trump hands out pardons like Papal indulgences, while Columbia wallows in hippo turds.

Mike Pence's record shows that he's the wrong guy to manage the coronavirus crisis.  And I loathe face-touchers.  But he'll control official information on the outbreak.  And yes, there's plenty to worry about.

Stop making threats.  Only assholes make threats.

Religio-wingnuts don't understand the First Amendment, and it's costing them in court.  It's the same with Trump.

"Intersectionality" is destroying gay liberation.

Liberals get things done.

Coronavirus is strengthening the work-from-home movement.

A feminist event in Seattle was disrupted and threatened by a menacing, mostly-male mob.

Matt Shea is a Christian supremacist with a bizarre obsession with guns.

The FBI arrests a terrorist gang after a campaign of intimidation against journalists.

A male rapist was incarcerated in a women's prison and raped a female inmate -- who says prison officials covered up what happened.

This is the religious mentality -- you are unworthy, no matter how good you are it's never good enough, moan, groan.  Millions are still enslaved to it.

There was no curse on King Tut's tomb.

If you catch the coronavirus, your odds of dying vary by age and gender.

The body that oversees rugby is meeting to reconsider its policy on male players on female teams.

Generations ago certain territories would proudly declare themselves judenrein ("Jew-free").  Nowadays.....

Iran's authoritarian regime makes it especially vulnerable to the coronavirus.

New Delhi has been racked by days of anti-Muslim mob violence, some committed by gangs linked to the ruling religio-nationalist party (found via Crooks and Liars).

China's unaccountable fascist system means the rulers probably don't even have accurate information about the coronavirus outbreak.

Two Kentucky polls show Amy McGrath with a real shot at defeating Moscow Mitch this November.  Know hope.

Sanders is positioned to win big in California and Texas on Super Tuesday.  Electoral-Vote assesses the "socialist" issue.  Vox debunks the centrist freak-out over Sanders.

Democrats don't need advice from failed Republicans.

Even Fox polling has Trump losing to every major Democrat.

If Trump could do it, Sanders can do it (found via By Hook or by Book).

Stephen Colbert and Noah Trevor assess the South Carolina debate.  Darwinfish 2 looks at the Nevada one.


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

That one foot that ruined a picture is funny. That's been around for a long time. But why is he bent over like that anyway? That in itself looks weird.

Working from home would be ideal for a lot of people unless they have a bunch of small kids.

01 March, 2020 07:16  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that shoe photo, LOL! And the coronavirus political cartoon at the end of your post is spot on!

01 March, 2020 08:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Interesting -- the photo was new to me. Thanks to the internet, it will live forever.

Working from home is clearly the wave of the future. My own job is 95% done over the internet anyway. It's silly going into an office every day to do it.

Debra: Pence is the last guy I want in charge of protecting me from those things, that's for sure.

01 March, 2020 13:11  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thank you for the shout out, Infidel.

I read an interesting piece analyzing the environmental cost of working from home - it depends on the climate and time of year, but heating/cooling all those individual homes (that presumably wouldn't otherwise be heated or cooled) can be higher than heating/cooling large office buildings. The article wasn't saying to discard that option, just pointing out that there are pros and cons to most things and everything needs to be taken into consideration, which is a reasonable point.

01 March, 2020 13:46  
Blogger Mike said...

I'm sure this started out as a joke about the polluted air in China. Now it's a warning.

If you receive any items covered in bubble-wrap,
before you start popping,
remember the air inside comes from China.

01 March, 2020 18:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Since I was cruising through these, a few comments. I believe this COVID-19 thing is to be taken seriously, listening to doctors, researchers, etc I made jokes during the Ebola hysteria in 2014, over the panic, this is different. Ebola in the U.S. was contained to a small area of Dallas and a couple contacts, and we know alot about it ... too deep to get into there, but stay alert on this one.

As far as The Hill piece (I like The Hill, too) on Bernie in Texas and California, I knew he was polling well, yes. Big messy problem in Dallas- Fort Worth though. Early voting ended this last friday, me, my 3 daughters and my wife already voted early, MANY did not, and the weather the last couple weeks been great, just a little chilly at times. This tuesday though, they are predicting very heavy widespread rain and wind across Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, for a couple dayz, and tuesday the worst, I know folks that waited for tuesday. I can only HOPE, that this does not mess up the voting ... geeezzz ... what a Hell of a time to get storms, I hope that turnout will still be significant, and maybe the storms won't be so bad as some (you know how some can get here). Hopefully, as far as I know, weather should be ok in places south and west of here, from El Paso, down the Rio to the Valley, Houston, Corpus, San Antone/ San Marcos/ Austin, good concentration of voters in those areas too. Yeah ... I will vote for whoever the candidate is for the Democrats no matter what, even if I don't care for them .... frankly speaking ... Democrats would be far better and more stable than this bunch (GOP/ Trump) we have up there now, it has just been chaos. No, Bernie isn't a hard- ass, I like him, you can bet he's better than Trump, he would have to deal this the House and Senate too, but this histeria that we'll turn into a Soviet Union or whatever is crazy, in my view, it's all "scare business".

01 March, 2020 19:42  
Blogger Lady M said...

Loved that video by Seth Meyers regarding Trumps Corona response that Crazy Eddy shared. Laughed till I cried. Really kind of sad considering we are facing a pandemic.

02 March, 2020 20:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jenny_o: I find such an analysis questionable. Many homes are inhabited by more than one person, for example, and so would be heated/cooled whether or not the worker was there. In any case, reducing traffic congestion and opportunities for disease to spread in offices are also worthy goals, aside from the environment.

Mike: Yes, you may notice I linked to that one.....

Ranch: True, it's very different from Ebola. With Ebola the symptoms are impossible to miss, the outbreak was in a remote area with little economic connection to the rest of the world and easily contained, and the few carriers who made it to the advanced countries were easy to identify and isolate. Covid-19 spreads a lot like the flu and superficially resembles it. Our main weapon against the flue is vaccines, but there's no vaccine for this yet.

I hope the weather doesn't muck up the election too badly. At least I think most people realize how important it is.

Lady M: It's a funny thing these days -- comedians are among the best sources of news. Like court jesters in the middle ages, they're free to speak truths others won't.

03 March, 2020 04:53  
Blogger RO said...

OMG Infidel - the very first one I clicked on was the shoe, and I'm seriously giggling out loud on my computer.(lol) What a great way to start my hump day! RO

04 March, 2020 05:42  
Blogger Martha said...

HAHAHA! That last photo :) And the foot that ruined the picture.... BAHAHAHA Thanks for the smile :)

07 March, 2020 06:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's a truly immortal group photo.....

07 March, 2020 10:04  

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